Interview: Composer/Producer Bill Brown

Please give a quick synopsis of your music career so far. The “elevator pitch” version.
I basically started my career writing music for games, and as I was doing that I met directors and got into scoring films and television.  I’ve been blessed to work with a bunch of cool, talented people. [Editor’s Note: Bill is being modest here. He currently scores the music for CSI:NY, and he contributed to the scores of the movies Ali and Any Given Sunday among others, along with a host of video game soundtracks.]

What are some of the unique demands that scoring for video games, movies and TV places on a composer?
Scoring work takes time, even when you’ve gotten really efficient and focused with your time, this job still demands that the composer sit there and work it out creatively. And sometimes, when I’m working on a project, or an episode of the show, my mind will keep working regardless of what I’m doing.. even when I’m sleeping!  But that’s how this gig works, and I love it.

Budget and time would both be major factors in the decision to select live instruments vs virtual ones. How are those decisions made?
Electronics are pretty amazing these days, but I try and stay away from sounds that are “synthetic” sounding in a cheesy way. Lately I’ve been using only organic sources for my music, even if I do really electronic sounding things with them. Orchestra libraries have really turned a corner in the last 3 years or so, and now it’s easier to create truly organic sounding mock-ups.  But if I need orchestra for a project, I would rather work with a real orchestra…no doubt about it.

When you need to create your score using virtual instruments, what are some unique demands that scoring places on the process? What do you look for in a VI that will help you achieve your scoring goals?
When I’m writing for live orchestra, I can send my orchestrator a rough version of the piece and we will discuss articulations, dynamics, colors, etc.  When I’m limited to samples, it takes a lot longer to try and achieve the sound I’m hearing in my head. Sometimes it’s actually not possible to do with samples, so I have to compromise in some way.  Admittedly, every year, that becomes less the case with all of the libraries coming out.

You’ve mentioned before your use of Miroslav Vitous’ new Composer’s Dream virtual strings library.  How does Composer’s Dream integrate into your composition and production process? Under what circumstances do you choose that VI over others? And why?
The new Miroslav strings (Composer’s Dream) loads up very fast, and I can write scripts to trigger them in different ways in that format and create my own custom versions of patches as well. It’s very flexible that way.  I found in using them for the demo, the lyrical violin patches were very unique – they have more soul than most of the string libraries out there.  I will go back to those for sure.  And I also liked how some of the patches had dynamics and movement within the samples.  Not as static as some of the libraries out there which I think is a good thing.   I’m hoping Miroslav will do an update that includes looped versions of the important sustained patches for this library at some point as well, that would round it out nicely.

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DVD products now available for download!

A number of our current DVD products are now available for instant download!  Everyone kept asking, so this is our way of letting you know that your feedback is appreciated and doesn’t go unheard.  No more waiting for the Fedex truck to arrive on these Big Fish top sellers; purchase, download, and get crankin’ on those tracks!

Now available for download:

Ambient Skyline, Cinematic Percussion, Crank’d: Urban Rock, Detroit Soul, Earth Tone: World Percussion, Elemental Studio Percussion, Funk Soul Horns, G-Suite, Impressions: Jazz Construction Kits, Kings of the South: Dirty Crunk Kits, Mirrorball: Silky House Music, Nashville Sessions, Off the Hook Dirty South 2, Platinum Essentials 3, Remix Revolution, Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll Project, Symphonic Manoeuvres 2, and Vintage R&B.

Be sure to keep checking in here and our website for more Big Fish Audio everything.

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An Interview with Mike and Mike of Cinesamples

The “Two Mikes” of Cinesamples Talk About VOXOS and More… Interview by Peter Alexander

Cinesamples‘ Michael Barry (above left) and Michael Patti (above right), two classically trained pianists and film/game composers, joined the growing trend of composers expanding their talents into developing sample libraries. Their company, Cinesamples, has released such brilliant and critically acclaimed libraries as CineHarp, CineToms, Drums of War, CineSnare, Iron Guitars and their most recent release, Hollywoodwinds. The duo is hard at work on their next library, VOXOS, a detailed vocal library scheduled to release late summer. Read the full interview at

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This week in downloads

Hello everyone, this is Andrew bringing you the hottest and newest downloads for the week.

This week is a little extra special because I’d like to welcome Kick Back Samples to the Big Fish Audio website!  They got some great stuff here that I’d like for you to all check out.  Their 4 initial downloads they bring to you guys and gals is, Acid Techno Grooves, Dubstep Drumbank, Dubstep Elements, and Harder Drum Pack.

Loopmasters this week is bringing you some really current dub with Dark Matter: Experiments in Dubstep.

Also as a fun little quirky fact for only the blog readers, we are working on a bunch of Big Fish Products and adding download versions to them. You kept asking for them to be downloads, so this is for all of you who live internationally, hate customs fees, hate waiting (I’d probably fall in this category), or hate when your dog eats your FedEx boxes on the porch.  =)

That’s it for this this week in downloads and be sure to check back on Monday to see the list of hot Big Fish Audio products that are now available for download.

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New From Nova Loops

Check out the latest from Nova Loops, including “In My Hood: East Coast Edition” and “Platinum Synth Melodies“. Enter the coupon code below and get $7 off any Nova Loops download. Offer good for a limited time only!

(Offer Expired)

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This week in downloads

Happy Friday!  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend full of World Cup Games!  Or maybe that’s just me…go USA!  =)

As always, we’re going to keep you all in the loop by letting you all know what’s new this week in downloads, and here goes.

Loopmasters, the masters of the loop, are proud to present some quality stuff this week.  Those who are looking for any drum sounds be sure to check out Drum Machines 2, 808 Drums, and Drum Fire.  They also released a killer Dub download with Dubwise, then followed it up with some Vintage DnB.  Push Button Bang, a label through Loopmasters also released a new one called Tropical Tech.  A lot of catchy, dancey loops in that one.

Nova Loops also released some more club bangers, and they keep telling me they have TONS more to come.  Platinum Synth Melodies is downright sick.  These synth melodies are super current and will definitely spark up some creative genius for the track you’re working on, or add flavor to one that you’ve needed help with.  In My Hood: East Coast Edition is exactly what it should sound like.  That grimy NYC sound, and there’s oodles of it.

Be sure to check out the rest of our website at and make sure you all have a great weekend.  PEACE!

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