FutureMusic calls Electri6ity “A truly stunning library”

Yet another great review of Electri6ity! We told you this instrument was going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard before. But don’t take our word for it, read what FutureMusic Magazine has to say about Electri6ity!

“A comprehensive and intelligent library that impressively meets all electric guitar needs… a phenomenal library and certainly represents the most comprehensively sampled and organised virtual guitar system I’ve seen to date.” – FutureMusic

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New Xtended Series downloads now available!

Four new products from the Xtended Series are now available for download at a special introductory price. Download now and get 10% off. Offer good for a limited time only.

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General - Loops

Big Fish Audio Presents: Funky Gumbo

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This week in downloads

*salute* Andrew here!  Bringing you the freshest downloads we have to offer.  This week is all about one brand and one brand only, Smash Up The Studio!  Check out their stuff, it’s incredible. The guys over at Smash Up are a pleasure to work with, and I’m so very excited for all of you because I know they do quality libraries. So without further adieu, here is their starting line-up:

Altered Minds Trance
Bad Ass Hip Hop Dirty South
Chilled Out Grooves: Electric Piano Down-Tempo
Chilled Out Grooves: Electric Piano Up-Tempo
Club Grooves: Electric Piano 1
Club Grooves: Electric Piano 2
Club Grooves: Urban Guitars
Club Grooves: Urban Piano
Club Grooves: Urban Strings
Cool Keys RnB
Cool Keys RnB 2
Cosmic House Electro
Evolving Elements: House
MIDI Keys: Bass Disco/House
MIDI Keys: Beach Bar House Grooves
MIDI Keys Gold: Piano RnB/Soul
MIDI Keys Gold: Synths RnB/HipHop
MIDI Keys: House Piano
MIDI Keys: Deep Jazzy House Grooves
MIDI Keys: Bass 2 Strictly House
MIDI Keys: Bass 3 Trance
MIDI Keys: Organ
MIDI Keys: Pop Piano
MIDI Keys: Ibiza Summer Chill
MIDI Keys: Funky Synth Bass
MIDI Keys: Trance
MIDI Keys: Keyboard Riffs of the 60’s & 70’s
Modern RnB: Ultra Cool Keyboard Loops
RnB Vibes: Piano

I know it’s a lot to take in, but when you get the chance this weekend, listen to these guys.  The hard work they put into these libraries is apparent in all of their demos.

Have a fun, safe, sun-filled weekend everyone!

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Free samples kits from the new Xtended Series!

Check out these free sample kits from Classic Rock, Electri-Fried Blues, Memphis Rock n Soul and Funky Gumbo: Music from New Orleans. These new libraries from the Xtended Series will be available for purchase shortly, but here’s a taste of what you’ll get with these fantastic new sounds. Click on the “Free Sample Pack” tab on each product page to take the Xtended Series for a test drive and find out how you can extend your possibilities!

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Music Tech Magazine Reviews “Electri6ity”

Music Tech Magazine gives Electri6ity 9/10 and talks about what makes this instrument so appealing. “A fantastic virtual electric guitar with eight superbly recorded instruments… If you love the sound of guitars but can’t actually play one, Vir2 might have the perfect solution.” says Keith Gemmell. Read the full review here.

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