This week in loops

Hey everyone!  Just a reminder before I get into the newest loop releases, make sure you check out our Presidents’ Day sale!  Listed items up to 50% off, everything else 10% off.  Make sure you take advantage of this bargain.

As far as loop libraries are concerned, we have 3 brand new, extremely well done products.

Track Star and Big Fish Audio team up to bring you Coffee House: Organic Construction Kits.  An incredibly current library of coffeehouse music, which can be used with all your different types of music productions.

Secondly, Big Fish Audio releases Sweat: R&B Construction Kits for those that need new and hot R&B.  Have a towel nearby, these tracks will get you hot and sweaty.

Our third item for this weekend is Surf, by Dieguis Productions and Big Fish Audio.  Another product in the Xtended Series, this product is all about the classic and modern sounds of surf.  A “must listen to” product because it won’t disappoint.

Stay tuned for more up and coming loop libraries.  As always with the holiday coming up, have fun, be safe, and stay dry (If you’re in California like we are. Ha.).

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Sales & Promotions

Big Fish Audio Presidents’ Day Sale

Save some presidents with Big Fish Audio’s Presidents’ Day Sale! Take 50% off selected products with coupon code PDSALE11 or take 10% off any product on our site with coupon code PDTEN11 from now through February 22, 2011 . Click here to view selected products.

Take 50% off these titles and more with coupon code PDSALE11!

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New from Sonokinetic: HAKA

New from Sonokinetic is a one of a kind library featuring pacific warrior & tribal music. HAKA is a testament of these ancient musical cultures in song, chant and dance.

Scraping the surface of this vast cultural heritage Russ Landau and Sonokinetic invested in producing a collection of samples that are unmatched in authenticity, realism, power and beauty. Lomax would have been jealous and anxious if he’d knew what would be possible with modern technology.

This library is guaranteed to help you impress your opponent and proclaim your strength and prowess in order to intimidate your opposition. Recorded on location deep within the Vanuatu, Samoan, Hawaiian, New Zealand and the Marquesas Islands, this is original tribal warrior music that we discovered and captured in high quality audio. With this production we’re proud to present you a testament of these ancient musical cultures in song, chant and dance.

The intelligent scripting and use of the Kontakt sample format makes this sample pool of live performed music and dance fit right in, or be the base to work from for, your compositions and productions. Built in a single Kontakt patch, this new setup will give you the flexibility to construct your own instrument by selecting and adding groups of samples and simply dragging them to your midi keyboard. So gone are the days that you had to weed through tons of patches.

Note: This library requires a full retail version of Kontakt 4.1 or later. It is not compatible with the Free Kontakt Player.

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This week in loops

Hello guys and gals!  This week we have some interesting additions to our loop library section of Big Fish Audio.

Rhythms of Arabia from Big Fish Audio is truly authentic stylings played by percussionist Issam Houshan.

MVP Loops brings you an incredible R&B/Hip Hop product with well done vocals in Hook City: R&B Grooves Edition.

Methane: Industrial Rock Library, also done by Big Fish Audio, is worth a listen if you’re into industrial, rock, needing atmospheres/pads and cinematic loops.

Barrio is new from VIP Loops and fuses R&B, hip hop, latin and reggaeton all in one.

Last but certainly not least, Soul Machine: Audio Version is the follow up to their Soul Machine predecessor.  So many people wanted a loop style library of that product, they decided to make one for you all.

That’s it for this week, hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!

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Big Fish Audio 2010 Product of the Year

What an incredible year of products! From electric guitar plug-ins to country loops, we covered some serious ground in 2010. Now is your chance to vote for your favorite Big Fish Audio product in 2010. We’ve narrowed the field down to the 10 most popular titles of the year. Vote now and receive a discount code good for 15% OFF any of the products nominated for product of the year. Discount code expires February 28th, 2011.

Choose the 2010 Product of the Year…

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Production Department Pick of the Month

It’s February, and as it’s been cold up here in the United States so let’s heat it up a bit with a couple of products just begging to be used in your next chart topping track.  This month I’ll be looking over a couple of Hip Hop products that provide you with live instruments that normally wouldn’t be accessable to most people.

Nothing sets apart a track more than the use of live strings.  Live string players are expensive and it takes a lot of experience to record and capture the nuances of these instruments.  Big Fish Audio has made it a bit easier to include live strings in your Hip Hop, Pop, or R&B tracks with Urban String Sessions. Urban String Sessions provides and excellent assortment of live string loops recorded in a mid-size studio setting.  Each loop includes various parts and sections broken out to allow for further arrangement and custom mixing.  Any way you slice it I think you’ll love how quickly and easily these loops will fit with your music.

My second selection for the month contains live played Indian percussion played along with hip hop beats.  Hip Hop India was played by master percussionist Sanket Athale.  What truly makes this library stand out from ordinary ethnic percussion libraries is Sanket’s ability to incorporate expertly played Indian percussion with a modern approach. Take a listen to the demos and you’ll hear what I mean.  Every instrument was recorded in complete isolation allowing you to select and choose the exact group of instruments of your choosing.  No sample library one-shots will ever replace the nuance and feel of a live player and Hip Hop India is truly no exception.

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