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This week in loops!

It’s Friday! You guys and gals gotta get down on Friday, right? I’m sure there will be lots of partyin’, and more partyin’ after I reveal our new loops for this week. =)

Producer Loops has an INCREDIBLE, just released, dubstep loop library.  If you’re into dubstep like I am, then this is an addition you must add to your collection.  Supalife Dubstep: Hard Edition is worth a listen.

Fatloud means business when it comes to bangin’ urban construction kits.  Bounce, is their new library for this week and it’s very well done, well mixed, and well organized.

Dieguis Productions and Big Fish Audio teamed up again to bring you something a little different. Wild West is a little bit tex-mex, a dash of western, and a bunch of cowboy.  It’s a massive library that does a really good job of capturing the sprit of the wild west.

In addition, Big Fish Audio brings to all new libraries released just in time for the  weekend.  We’ll start with Beatage: Clinton Sparks Collection of Awesome Beats, Drums & Sounds.  It’s the newest and hottest creation from the multi-platinum producer Clinton Sparks.  Secondly, if you’re having trouble finding cinematic percussion infused with the culture of India, we have just the product for you.  Score of India: Percussion Loops provides perfect Indian rhythm beds to add to your musical score.

That’s all for this week, we hope you all have fun, fun, fun this weekend!

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Top 10 Loops and Instruments – February 2011

In the month of February Ambient Skyline has climbed back into the number one slot with The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples in a close second. Indie: Rock Collection Vol. 1 and Metric: Odd Meter Drumloops broke into the top ten for the first time and for good reason. Indie: Rock Collection Vol.1 perfectly captures the sound and feel of some of today’s most popular Indie bands, while Metric: Odd Meter Drumloops is the answer to those looking for drums not in 4/4.

Electri6ity edged out Q for the top instruments spot while MOJO: Horn Section and Voxos: Epic Virtual Choirs followed closely behind.

1. Ambient Skyline 1. Electri6ity
2. The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples 2. Q
3. Quirky Guitars 3. MOJO: Horn Section
4. Vintage R&B 4. Voxos: Epic Virtual Choirs
5. Soul Jazz 5. Acoustic Legends HD
6. Urban String Sessions 6. CineOrch
7. Indie: Rock Collection Vol. 1 7. World Impact: Global Percussion
8. Pop n’ Soul Guitars 8. Hollywoodwinds
9. Metric: Odd Meter Drumloops 9. Violence
10. Modern Country 10. Metallurgy
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