This week in loops!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying your soon to be Easter weekend!  This weekend we have some new stuff for you all.

eCITY brings you a new series they’ve started called Pop Goes the City and their first product is killer.  Be sure to check out the Red Carpet for some fresh new pop for your productions.

Dieguis Productions continues their Xtended Series with a high quality country library by the name of Americana Country.

And of course, yours truly (Big Fish Audio), bring you the brand new sequel to Southside Bangaz Vol. 1…Southside Bangaz Vol. 2! Southern hip hop never sounded any better then in these 10 kits.  Be sure to listen to that before you head out tonight.

As always, check back here often to see what’s on the horizon in all your Big Fish Audio needs!  Have a great Easter weekend!

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Who is Ueberschall?

Today we have a very special announcement.  Ueberschall has now made their download format available for their ENTIRE catalog!  That’s correct,  you can now purchase Ueberschall products as downloads from the Big Fish Audio website.  To celebrate this occasion we were able to get an exclusive interview with Wenzel Mehnert from the Ueberschall team.

Who and what is Ueberschall?

Ueberschall is a label for professional sample libraries.  Our big strength is the versatility and the authentic quality of each of our libraries.  With more than 30 different producers we have released over 100 different libraries.  From soul, funk, rock and pop to score & SFX sounds to all kinds of electronic music.  Our catalogue covers 40 different music styles and is still growing!  This is the reason why customers from all over the world and from different branches of music trust in Ueberschall when it comes to music production, movie scores, web and multimedia projects of any kind.

What makes the Ueberschall Elastik and Liquid Plug-in engines so special?

Ueberschall libraries come with a free sample player.  You only pay for the soundbank and get a flexible sampling tool on top.  There are two different players:

Liquid Player. The Liquid Instrument Series (L.I.S.) offers new ways to control and redo sampled lines and phrases!  In close cooperation with Celemony (Melodyne), Ueberschall developed a way to have Liquid allow you to pitch and stretch single notes of a complete lick and suit it to your personal needs.

Elastik 2 Player.  The Elastik 2 Player manages all Elastik libraries in one engine.  It comes with a whole range of desirable features: The self-explanatory browser, designed for fast access to any loaded sound libraries.  The central Loopeye surface focuses all attention on the loop and keeps several innovative DSP functions.  The sequence mode allows you to slice up the loop and edit each part individually – on the fly.  The random button offers unforeseeable inspiration, plus many more.

Tell us about the brand new Inspire Series.

The Elastik Inspire Series crosses the path between Construction Kit libraries and usual loop libraries.  Each volume keeps 2GB of loops and phrases that work perfectly together with each other.  You can use them in combination with already existing projects or you can create new “Inspire Kits” on your command.

Using the “random” button, the “Inspire Kits” can be altered and new combinations of instruments can be created automatically.  The selected sample will be replaced by a randomly selected sample of the same instrument class – no matter what genre.  This allows the user to create complete new and never heard construction kits.  All samples fit perfectly together and the results are 100% copyright free!

The “Elastik Inspire Series” represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration especially for creative people in the music, film, multimedia and web industry.  Due to the high quality of Ueberschall products, the created tracks can be immediately integrated into one’s own projects without any further treatment.

Last but not least, what’s on the coming up for Ueberschall?

When it comes to sample libraries, Ueberschall will keep on releasing new libraries that hit the spot.  For example, we have a ton of new volumes for the “Elastik Inspire Series” and construction kit libraries for all music genres.  Apart from that, Ueberschall will keep the focus on new functions for their sample players Liquid and Elastik.  New ideas are already realized and just need to be developed.  The future for Ueberschall is going to get very interesting!

Big Fish Audio would like to thank the crew at Ueberschall and Wenzel Mehnert for taking the time for this interview and filling us in on what’s to come.  Be sure to check out all the Ueberschall products here on our website.

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This week in loops!

Wassup ya’ll, hope you all had or are having a great friday.  This week we have a bunch of great new products for you all.  =)

Industrial Strength has a new slice library for all you producers who need scratches and slices.  Be sure to check out DJ Sykopath Slice Vol. 1.

Loopmasters continues their series by adding a 16th volume to DJ Mixtools.  This volume is all about FXs.

Dieguis Productions does it again with Punk N’ Ska.  It’s a must hear!

Big Fish Audio releases 3 hot new libraries this week.  QUAKE: Cinematic Taiko Loops for those needing some high quality cinematic percussion.  Coffeehouse Organic Construction Kits, which is heavily influenced by the San Diego music and artists like Jewel and Jason Mraz.  Nu Reggae is a new genre that’s really hot in reggae music and production.  Twisted Nu Reggae is one of those products.

Also, be sure to check out our new VI – RiG: Urban Workstation! It’s on fire and it just shipped today.

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Instruments - Interview

Comments from the Producer of Q

QWhat is Q?

The idea behind Q was to create a virtual instrument that composers, producers, sound designers, and music editors could use to quickly generate film, television, trailer, and advertising cues in a wide range of musical styles. Unlike many other virtual instruments, Q doesn’t focus on one musical particular instrument or genre. Instead, Q was created to cover a number of styles; in particular, some of the more exotic and eclectic genres that are increasingly employed in modern cinematic music. A few examples of this are the Hong Kong Cinema, Middle eastern, Spaghetti Western, Ambient, Pulp Surfer, Horror, and Film Noir kits.

Many exotic and unusual instruments were recorded for Q, including Chinese drums and flutes, waterphone, tank drums, bowed electric sitar, and prepared piano. Where other VIs focus on detailed multi-samples, the emphasis for Q was live-played loops and phrases, which capture more of the authentic character of these instruments. Well over 95% of the raw sample content used to create Q was derived from organic instruments, materials, and live performances.

The harp, cello, some of the percussion FX, prepared piano, and the female soprano were recorded in Athens by my friend and collaborator on the Symphonic Maneuvers series of sample CDs released by Big Fish Audio, Kostas Varotsis. For the prepared piano recordings, Kostas inserted various materials between the piano strings, including rulers, wine glasses, elastic bands, and necklaces. Other FX oriented instruments like the Pedal Steel FX were recorded by detuning the instrument and “playing” it with keys, coins, picks, rubber mallets, and a credit card.

Q also features a large collection of sound design elements, from massive hits, fireballs, and swooshes to eerie metallic and instrument effects. Some of Q’s metallic sound design elements were created from raw samples that were made by tapping on or scraping a collection of huge metal sculptures that were on display in a corporate park in New York. These samples had to be recorded very quickly, before a security guard kicked us off the property.  The raw samples used to create some of the other metal effects in Q came from a variety of unusual sources, including wrought-iron railings, a 20-yard dumpster, an aluminum bridge, a steel utility pole cable, approximately 60 pounds of scrap metal bought from a salvage yard, and a metal Salvation Army donation box with a fantastically creaky hinge. Elements like these are really useful when creating trailers, promos, and cinematic cues. I collaborated with Ric Viers to produce the cinematic sound effects for Q, after I discovered a book on sound design that he wrote, called The Sound Effects Bible. Ric came up with some excellent contributions.

So that’s a quick overview of Q, and what it can do. I hope you’ll let us know what you think of Q, good and bad, so that we can continue to improve it in the future.

Thanks –

Steve Sechi

Producer for the Q sessions

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Instruments - Loops

Top 10 Loops and Instruments – March 2011

Is country music the top selling genre for loops at Big Fish Audio? Maybe not, but it certainly was as popular as ever in the month of March with Modern Country and Nashville Sessions in the top ten. Joining them to add a little Tex-Mex, Western and Cowboy Rock was newcomer Wild West. Also breaking into the top ten last month was Coffeehouse: Organic Construction Kits and Rhythms of Arabia.

Electri6ity is still the top selling instrument with Vir2 and Cinesmples taking most of the top ten spots for instrument sales in March. Sonikinetic contributed with Voices of Isreal and their latest release Sultan Strings also among the top sellers.

1. The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples 1. Electri6ity
2. Rhythms of Arabia 2. Q
3. Indie: Rock Collection Vol. 1 3. CineOrch
4. Coffeehouse: Organic Construction Kits 4. Sultan Strings
5. Nashville Sessions 5. MOJO: Horn Section
6. Pop n’ Soul Guitars 6. Acoustic Legends HD
7. Wild West 7. Hollywoodwinds
8. Modern Country 8. Voxos: Epic Virtual Choirs
9. Quirky Guitars 9. Violence
10. Ambient Skyline 10. Voices of Isreal
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Pre-order RiG: Urban Workstation

RiG: Urban Workstation will ship on Friday April 8th. Your opportunity to pre-order and save is running out so order RiG by the end of the day Friday and save $50! Click here to order.

Pre-order RiG now, and also receive free shipping. Use Coupon Code SHPRIGFREE.

RiG: Urban Workstation is a complete collection of Instruments, Loops and Sound FX for Urban Production. This Virtual Instrument contains over 1200 patches and 26GB of samples. You get multi-sampled instruments as well as a wide variety of loop-based instruments.

The Sound

Big Fish Audio has joined forces with the engineers at Vir2 to create a virtual instrument tailor-made for the hip hop and R&B producer. You don’t have to weed through instrument after instrument to find the right sound since each instrument in RiG has been recorded and edited to create instant inspiration for you, the modern producer.

Easy to use

The easy to use RiG interface places all parameters right in front of you allowing you to quickly customize your sound to create that perfect fit for your next hit track. RiG includes a custom synth step fx editor allowing limitless combinations of gate effects, arpeggios, sequenced pan effects, attack and decay, and low and hi pass filters. You will also find a loop playback interface allowing you to access and edit individual slices of the included loops. RiG is divided into seventeen main category folders: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drum Banks, Drum Loops, Electric Guitar, Ethnic, Horn Section, Keyboards, Orchestral Hits, Organs, Percussion and Harp, Percussion Loops, Piano, Sliced Loops, Strings, Synths and Vocals.

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