This week in loops

Huge weekend approaching!  Make sure you all get a chance to stop by and listen to all the downloads we have on sale this weekend!  Let’s get started.

P5 Audio releases an interestingly name library called, Booty Jungle.  Don’t let the name distract you, it has some very well done kits on it.

Smash Up the Studio does just that with 3 new products hitting our shelves.  Be sure to check out Soul Machine: Complete Edition, MIDI Keys: Disco Fever and MIDI Keys: Funky Horns.

Big Fish Audio releases Pure Rock Hits this weekend.  It’s the newest rock product we have and it truly is well done and worth a listen.

FatLoud is always keeping it fresh with Urban Dance.

That’s it for this week in loops.  Make sure you get time to check out the Memorial Day sale we’re having this weekend, it’s amazing!

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Ueberschall Rocks On

The Rock genre is one of the most popular styles of music for sound libraries at Big Fish Audio. As the demand for quality rock libraries continues to increase, Ueberschall continues to meet that demand with more rock titles for their Elastik Series users. From 60s Psychedelic and Metal, to Glam and Indie, there’s a lot of ground covered! One of their latest rock releases, “Metal: No Headroom” is making a splash with its fat doublebass-powered drums and its energetic guitar riffs and basslines. Check out Urberschall’s rock titles… and get your rock on!

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This week in loops

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope all is well and dandy as it is over here at Big Fish Audio.  This week we have some incredible new libraries and I’m going to introduce them to you right now.

Always creating amazing libraries, FatLoud releases Urban Dance.  It’s a little more on the dance side of “Urban Dance” but it’s still great none the less.

MVP Loops releases another product in their “Elite Series” by the name of Gucci Music as well as Purple Drizzle 2.

Our boys in Deutschland (aka Germany) released a couple new libraries under the flag of Ueberschall.  Electro Pop, which has heavy european styles of electro in there, and Metal for all you metal-heads out there.

Big Fish Audio has released one of it’s larger rock libraries today by the name of Pure Rock Hits.  Simply put, it contains timeless rock construction kits laced with pure energy.  A definite must hear.

That’s it for this week, hope you all have a great weekend and hope to see you guys next week…seriously though, hope to see you next week!  =P

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This week in downloads!

Happy early Mothers Day ya’ll!  And if you’re out of ideas of what to get your mother, why not give her the gift of making beats!?  Seriously though, you know it’d be awesome to have your mom cranking out the jams.  =)

This week we have a brand new series by MVP called the Elite Series.  Make sure to check out all 6 of their brand new products here.

YNK Audio.  They’ve been around a bit and we finally have them on our website.  Their libraries are exceptional.  Dirty South Hustlaz, Goonzville Floorida and Champagne Musik are the first of many to come.

Also, just another little friendly reminder that all…yes, I did say all…Ueberschall products are now available for download!  And with the brand new Elastik 2.0 you’ll be able to easily pop these soundbanks right in and you and your momma can get to makin’ beats!

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Top Loops and Instruments – April 2011

April’s top ten loop sellers saw The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples hold its position at the top. There were a few new arrivals to the top 10, including the latest in the Xtended Series, Punk N’ Ska, a collection of modern punk, classic punk and ska construction kits. Also from the Xtended Series, Americana Country, shot into the top ten after being released midway through April. Another new arrival making its first appearance in the top ten was Beatage: Clinton Sparks Collection of Awesome Beats, Drums and Sounds. Clinton Sparks has produced for some of the biggest names in Hip Hop  Rap and R&B including T-Pain, Ludacris, and The Notorious B.I.G.

As expected, the April release of RiG: Urban Workstation came with a big splash as it was by far the top selling instrument of the month. This complete rig of instruments, loops and sound FX for urban production promises to be one of the years best selling products.

1. The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples 1. RiG: Urban Workstation
2. Beatage: Clinton Sparks Collection of… 2. Q
3. Indie: Rock Collection Vol. 1 3. Voxos: Epic Virtual Choirs
4. Ambient Skyline 4. MOJO: Horn Section
5. Epic Drums 5. CineOrch
6. Coffeehouse: Organic Construction Kits 6. Electri6ity
7. Punk N’ Ska 7. Violence
8. Americana Country 8. Sultan Strings
9. Detroit Soul 9. Voices of Isreal
10. Quirky Guitars 10. Hollywoodwinds
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Production Department Picks of the Month

For this month’s pick we are going to look at a couple of outstanding percussion libraries. These aren’t collections of standard shakers and tambourines but instead you will find Riqs, Dehollahs, Tablas, Tavils, Kanjeeras, Dholak, and many other percussion instruments from both the Middle East and India.

First, let’s look at Rhythms of Arabia.  Rhythms of Arabia is a finely crafted collection of percussion loops from the Arab world.  Inside this product you’ll find over 1000 loops played in various different rhythmic styles from that region.  The product is organized by BPM with various folders of different instruments contained within.  The loops are recorded dry, giving you the freedom to place them in your music with ease and maximum flexibility.

Score of India contains a few similar instruments to Rhythms of Arabia but stands alone with it’s own unique vibe and feel.  As you may assume from the name of this product, Score of India is a perfect fit for any film/tv score needing a boost of energy and drive from authentic Indian percussion.  Whether you are scoring an action packed drama, a soaring landscape, or a high speed chase scene, you’ll find a perfect fit with these loops.

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