This week in loops

Here we go weekend!  Time for some much needed R&R, as well as maybe a peek or two at some hot new libraries from Big Fish Audio.  =)

Loopmasters brings DJ Krust, Kelevra – Tech House, Pablo Decoder House Sylenth Presets and Tech Therapy.

Producer Loops brings Bizarre House Vol. 1 and Chillout Progressions Vol. 2

Diginoiz with R&South.

Mutekki with Audio Boutique: Electric Elements 2, Namzilla Loops, Swen Weber Electro District Vol. 1 and Big Room Tools Vol. 1.

That’s it for this week, and as always, have a nice weekend!

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This week in loops

The weekend soon approaches!  Let me tell you, this week has been a long one, but a very productive one.  This week in loops:

Newcomers Dig Audio have added a bunch more products to their lineup.  You can see all of them here.

ThaLoops is BRAND new this week and you can listen to them here, because they have a ton of libraries to check out.

SoundVibez also sent us all their best, which isn’t very hard for them, this week.  You can check out all of them here.  Also, Party House 2 by them is well done!

That’s it for this week!  Like always, have a fun (yet productive) weekend.

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General - Instruments

Vir2 releases Q 1.1 Patch Update.

Vir2 recently released the Q 1.1 Patch update, which includes minor enhancements to existing patches such as refined FX settings and pitch corrected samples. The FX settings in almost every patch of the factory library had minor changes made to make them sound more “production ready” upon loading without further adjustments being necessary. Some of the layer samples in the Multilayer Dreamscapes and Multilayer Drones patches were not playing back at the correct pitch; those have now been corrected. The update not only includes minor enhancements to the factory library patches, but also more than 50 new patches by Violence creator, Brendan Hogan.

Click HERE to download the update.

To install this update, locate the existing “Instruments” folder inside your Q folder. Move that folder outside of the Q folder to any location of your choosing. Next, move the new instruments folder into your Q folder. Once you have a patch loaded, you may choose to keep or delete the old instruments folder.

Note: This update requires version 4.2.2 or later of the Free Kontakt Player or full retail version of Kontakt.

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This week in loops

Mad respeck to all the BFA blog readas!  =)  This week we added tons of new loops by our quality partners not to mention we partnered up with even more companies so lets’ get started.

Sound Vibez released 7 new products through us this week.  We have Fresh RnB Hitz Vol.2, New Wave Vibez, Party House, Fresh Dirty South Beats, RnB Radio Hitz, Hip Hop Bangerz and Party House 2.

Producer Loops releases We Love House Vol.1 and House Session Vol.3.

Prime Loops Platinum Dubstep for those filthy D-Step junkies out there!

P5 Audio brings the beats with Dubstep Aggression, Meteoric Rock Hybrid, World Grime: Chinese Pipa Edition and Electro House Freak.

Loopmasters brings more loops in the form of Deep Electronic House, Top Loops and Percussion, Tech Funk – NI Massive Presets and New York Rap Acapellas Vol.1.

And the newly added brand is, Dig Audio.  Billboard Melodies, Boss Of Miami Vol.1, Hotlanta, Polo Reigns, Pop Divas, Pop Nation and Radio Kill RnB.

I know it’s a lot to chew on for this weekend but it’s a great thing knowing we can provide you quality loops for your weekend.  Be sure to check them all out and have a productive weekend!

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Instruments - Loops

Production Department Picks of the month

Big Fish Audio has had a proud history of creating top of the line products since 1986. This year marks 25 years of amazing libraries which have been used in countless top charting records, film scores, TV commercials as well as in the music of hundreds of thousands bedroom music makers all over the world.  This month I wanted to highlight the 10 top selling Big Fish Audio loop libraries of all time.  To those of you who are relatively new to the Big Fish catalog of products these products may be completely new to you while you long time customers will probably recognize these titles if you don’t own a few of them already.  So let’s open up the vault and take a look at a bit of history with the Big Fish Audio Top 10 Loop Libraries of All Time!!!

…oh and by the way all of these products will be 30% off for the month of July so you too can own one of these BFA classics.

#10 Cut’n it up 3 – Perfectly crafted and chopped samples for a bit of hip hop flavor.

#9 Off the Hook Vol.1 – From the top selling series of all time, this little gem started it all.

#8 Greg Adams Big Band Brass – High quality big brand loops and samples.

#7 Freaky Jazz Funky – A cross genre blend of pure musical magic

#6 Off the Hook Hip Hop: Dirty South – This is the youngin’ on the list, also from the “off the hook” series

#5 Breakbeat – The first of 3 volumes truly did capture this iconic drumloop sound

#4 Brush Artistry – A truly unique drum loop library collection with a lot of musical possibilities.  (I do want to take this time to mention that the long awaited volume 2 is almost here!)

#3 LA Drum Sessions Vol.1 – Our top selling drumloop library of all time is truly a great grab bag of usable acoustic drum loops for many genres and sounds.

#2 Off the Hook 2 – This product contains some of the most iconic R&B style melodic hooks in the entire BFA catalog of libraries.

drumroll please…..

#1 Neo Soul: the new sound of hip hop and R&B – This soulful and smooth collection truly captured the attention of our customers and has risen all the way to the top of sales.

Make sure to check back in the year 2036 to find out how our top selling libraries of all has changed after 50 years.

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General - Instruments - Loops

Top Loops and Instruments – June 2011

Big Fish Audio’s top loop products for the month of June saw Pure Rock Hits climb to the top position with Americana Country closely behind.  New titles in the top 10 included Lost Tapes Vol. 1, a collection of loops and kits recorded to tape using mics, instruments and equipment from 60s/70s. Also making a top 10 debut was Indie Rock Addiction, 14 undeniably catchy construction kits in the styles of Death Cab for Cutie, Snow Patrol, Panic at the Disco and more.

Still dominating the instruments top sellers in May was Sonokinetic’s Tutti. and RiG: Urban Workstation, along with top 10 newcomer Ircam Solo Instruments from UVI’s collection.

1. Pure Rock Hits 1. Tutti
2. Americana Country 2. RiG: Urban Workstation
3. Indie Rock Addiction 3. Electri6ity
4. The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples 4. Q
5. Coffeehouse: Organic Construction Kits 5. CineOrch
6. Modern Country 6. Voxos: Epic Virtual Choirs
7. Indie: Rock Collection Vol. 1 7. Ircam Solo Instruments
8. Pop n’ Soul Guitars 8. MOJO: Horn Section
9. Lost Tapes Vol. 1 9. Violence
10. Epic Drums II 10. Whole Lotta Country
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