In depth with Guitar Soundscapes!


Why we made it in the first place?


We wanted to capture the wide range of styles and emotions that the electric guitar is currently creating in todays’s Film and TV.

We love creating libraries that capture that nostalgic sound; but from the very beginning of our planning for this library we new that there was a real need for creating a guitar based library that would really be able to capture what is current, fresh and happening right now in Film and TV.

The goal was to create a library that would be equally adept at setting the mood in any type of media whether it be Film, TV, Sound Design, Documentaries, Games, Film Trailers, Commercials and of course Contemporary Cinematic and Ambient records.

So we looked to see what composers and musicians like Michael Brooke, Tyler Bates, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, Explosions in the Sky, John Murphy, Gustavo Santaolalla and way too many others were doing.


How it was made?


Because there’s such a wide range of styles we wanted to present in this library, we knew that we would have to spend quite a bit of time mapping out the styles that are currently popular, figuring how they tick, the particular vibe and feel that each of the genres give, and what type of studio, gear and players would be needed to make this project absolutely slammin. After mapping out what would be the recording schedule and process, We spent some time writing, arranging and coming up with the core ideas that would become each of the library’s kits. Guitar Soundscapes was created at two different studios, one in  Los Angeles and the other in Nashville (the reason for the different studios this is because we try really hard to use the appropriate players, studios and gear for this library) Then after the core ideas were locked in and finalized we spent many, many days of recording and overdubbing parts.


What was the gear used on Guitar Soundscapes?


Amplifiers: Bad Cat-Hot Cat 30, Gibson GA 20-RVT, Elmwood-Modena 90, Mesa Boogie-Tremo Verb Dual Rectifier

Speakers: Marshall JCM 800 Cabinet (Shure SM57 Microphone), Gibson GA 20-RVT (Audix I-5 Microphone)

Guitar Pedals: Morley Wah, MXR Dyna Comp-Modification, Visual Sound H20, Boss DD5, Strymon-Blue Sky Verberator

Plug-ins: Soundtoys – Echoboy, TL Space -Trillium LAbs, iZotope RX, Steven Slate VCC and FG-X

Guitars: Paul Reed Smith (Customized), Tyler Strat, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Yamaha AES-1500

Xtras: Glass, Metal Slides, Ebows and lots of coffee!


What does the library contain? 


It was absolutely imperative that we create the Kontakt  KLI version for the Guitar Soundscapes library. We wanted to really be able to access all of the amazing features and functionality that the Kontakt allows. They library contains 20 kits packed full of luscious delayed guitars, gorgeous shimmery pad guitars, ebow guitars, haunting echo guitars, ambient guitars, chilling slide guitars, rhythmic pulse guitars, distorted reversed guitars and so many more. Each of the kits in Guitar Soundscapes contains three separate and distinct guitar sounds/parts with multiple song sections for each of the guitar parts;  giving you total creative freedom to tweak the amount of depth and texture to your hearts content!

One of my favorite things we’ve included is an enormous 1 GB of Xtra Guitar Pads, Sound Effects, One-Shots, Melodies and Noises categorized into various emotions like anger, horror, hurt and many more; as well as ebow guitar, guitar harmonics (pinched and hammered), guitar chords (major and minor with chord inversions), guitar slides, guitar string noise and pulse guitars which can be used to add rhythmic texture to tracks.


Here are the details for Guitar Soundscapes


– 6.6 GB of material (3.3 GB of 24-bit WAV files)

– 1867 files in WAV, REX and Apple Loops (843 WAV Loops)

– 20 Massive Construction Kits

Each kit contains a demo mix, each and every melodic, rhythmic and textural element broken out into stackable song sections, allowing you to mix and match and tweak to your hearts content.

– 1 GB of Xtras of 24-bit WAV files (332 WAV files)

Guitar Pads, Sound Effects, One-Shots, Melodies and Noises categorized into various emotions like anger, horror, hurt and many more.There is a section of ebow guitar, guitar harmonics (pinched and hammered), guitar chords (major and minor with chord inversions), guitar slides and guitar string noise. There is also a large section of pulse guitars which are categorized by bpm and can be used to add rhythmic texture to tracks.


If you haven’t had a chance to check Guitar Soundscapes out yet, head on over to Product Page and download the Free Sampler Pak!

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General - Instruments

“Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar” is now available!


Vir2 Instruments’ “Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar” is now shipping!



Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar is an innovative new collection of instruments

featuring creative and esoteric samples and manipulations of various acoustic guitars.

Following the tradition begun by Violence, Vir2’s virtual dismembering of a solo violin,

Fractured features 2.3GB of compressed samples and more than one hundred new

instruments with numerous variations and effects built into each. Each patch

features the organic goodness of the acoustic guitar, but stretches its timbre in new

directions to create previously unheard musical effects. Drum kits were made from such

varied techniques as hitting the guitar with a mallet, scraping strings with

fingernails, cardboard, or copper, and for one patch, rice was poured over the guitar.

Long evolving pads were built from acoustic guitar samples that blur the line between

electronic and acoustic. Fractured also features playable and dynamic rhythmic loops

and patterns, multitimbral arpeggiated creations, huge cinematic impacts, gritty electronic

drums, gnarly and etherial melodic instruments, and more innovative sonic goodness.


Depending on the instrument loaded, appropriate knobs for tweaking the instrument appear

in the interface, such as:


– Quantization

– Envelope controls (attack and release)

– Stereo spread

– Lopass and hipass filters

– Layer blend controls

– Effects (reverb, delay, drive, flanger, vibrato, rotator, wobble, and others)

– Autopan control

– Repeater

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2011 Top Sellers

What an amazing year of releases for Big Fish Audio! 2011 has been a busy and successful year of loop library and virtual instrument releases. We’ve picked the top ten products based on sales, reviews and customer feedback. Here is a look at the top products for 2011.


1. Electri6ity – The ultimate virtual electric guitar instrument.


2. Rig: Urban Workstation – A complete rig of Instruments, Loops and Sound FX for Urban Production.


3. MOJO: Horn Section – The heart and soul, of funk, pop, jazz, and big band horn sections.


4. Q – Instruments and sound design for the big screen.


5. The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples – Nearly 7GB’s of pure and raw urban samples.


6. Ambient Skyline – An inspiring and unique collection of moody and atmospheric loops and sounds


7. Modern Country – Modern Country construction kits.


8. Pop Rocks – Rock, Pop Soul, and Adult Contemporary.


9. Epic Drums II – Bigger…badder…cinematic percussion.


10. Pop n’ Soul Guitars – An exhaustive collection of R&B, Soul and Pop Guitar loops.



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This week in downloads

Hello everyone! Hope you all have an awesome weekend as we continually push closer to Christmas and New Years.  As always, here’s a bunch of new products that you should take a listen to.

Gypsy Jazzy by Ultimate Sound Bank is great for those looking for the gypsy roots style of music all the way to electro-swing.

Ueberschall releases 2 new products sure to inspire musical genius.  Synth Pop is your VIP access to a full range of modern chart music with a new release through their “Inspire Series” called Rock.

MVP Loops is constantly able to crank out tons of Good Muzic (pun intended) while keeping their inspiration on fire with Blaze Vol. 2 (two for two).

Last but not least, Big Fish Audio keeps it real fresh with three new libraries.  Dancetronic is sure to keep em’ on the dance floor and Hook’d Dirty Pop is here to make Lady Gaga jealous. Rock Cinema is a beast on its own, great for cinema as well as your own rock productions.

Have a safe weekend and be sure to keep an eye on our 25 days of Christmas sale!

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RiG Producer Contest Winners Announced!

Once again, we would like to thank all the producers that submitted some really great tracks using RiG: Urban Workstation.  We had a tough time just choosing three tracks, but after all the votes were tallied our winners rose to the top.

*Our three winning tracks can be heard on the RiG product page in the demos section.


1st place: Grand Prize

Our winner of $1000 of Big Fish Audio products was Reginald Foy with his track “J.A’s Groove”.  This R&B style track had a great sense musicality and set the mood for a clean cut and sultry groove that Robin Thicke, Ne-Yo, or Mary J would be a perfect fit for.  Between the slow and evolving synths to the live drum groove mixed with some smooth and laid back guitar parts, this track shined with a blend of a catchy groove, overall arrangement, and a clean sound.

We wanted to know a little more about Reginald so we asked him just a few questions.

1. How long have you been producing music?

I’ve been producing music for five years.


2. Who are your musical influences?

I have so many musical influences, but producers like Dr.Dre, Bryan Michael Cox, Tim & Bob, Pharrell, Battlecat, and Kanye West have influenced my music the most.


3. Where do you live?

I live in Los Angeles, CA


4. How long have you been a Big Fish Audio Customer?

I’ve been using Big Fish Audio products for about two years now.


5. Do you work in music full time, part time, or just casually as a hobby?

Full time.


6.What are your favorite things about RiG: Urban Workstation?

The sounds, period. With all the kits that Big Fish has produced, we’ve all wanted to get our hands on the sounds itself. Being able to play the keyboard sounds with using MIDI has been the best. Being able to edit, chop, and add FX to each sound within the RIG makes it so simple to make tracks.



2nd Place

Our second place entry came from Michael Youssef with his track “Ice Cream”  Michael’s track immediately hit us with his radio-ready sound.  The drums were tight and punchy, and his use of the synth arpeggiator were spot on.  This track felt ready for an A-list artist to come in and lay down some vocals to make a top charting song.














3rd Place

Our 3rd place entry came from Malik Al-Badri with his track “Kanzler Lensen”.  Malik’s track had a really great electronica feel and really showcased how RiG can be used to create many different styles of music.  We were really impressed with his blend of instruments used and effects added to create a mix that was super pro and an outstanding demonstration of the capabilities of RiG.














Thanks once again to all who participated in this contest.

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General - Instruments - Loops

Top Loops and Instruments – November 2011

Guitar Soundscapes jumped one spot to the top loop sellar in November with its brilliant collection of cinematic and ambient guitar loops. Pop Rocks and Epic Drums II also held ground following closely behind. One newcomer to the top ten was Rock Cinema. Produced by Majorn9ne for Big Fish Audio (Indie Rock Addiction and Indie Rock Collection Vol. 1) Rock Cinema is an intense collection packed with epic guitars, driving drums, emotional piano hooks and more, perfectly suited for any film score, tv show, commercial or any edgy rock production. With nearly 8GB (4.2GB of original WAV file content) of loops and 16 loaded construction kits full of multiple song sections and variations, this collection is worth its weight!

RiG: Urban Workstation made its way back to the top of the instruments charts followed by MOJO: Horn Section and Electri6ity for the month of November.

1. Guitar Soundscapes 1. RiG: Urban Workstation
2. Pop Rocks 2. MOJO: Horn Section
3. Epic Drums II 3. Electri6ity
4. Country Roots 4. Acoustic Legends HD
5. Hi-Voltage 5. World Impact: Global Percussion
6. Suite Grooves 2 6. Violence
7. Rock Cinema 7. Q
8. Big Bad Horns 8. VI. ONE
9. Ambient Skyline 9. Complete Toy Museum
10. Darkness: Cinematic Sound Design 10. Ircam Solo Instruments
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