This week in loops

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and ready to check out some new products for the weekend.

Premier Sound Bank has two new titles fresh off the press! Dubstep Superpack with over 400 of the most creative and forward-thinking dubstep samples around, and Trap Superpack, with everything you’ll need to producer your next mega trap banger.

Producer Loops like usual has a ton of new downloads for you to check out!

– Club Zone Vol.8 has 30 fantastic MIDI melodies for producing Commercial, Electro and House

– 3-in-1 EDM MIDI has great sounds in the style of Deadmau5, Inpetto, SHM, Avicii, and Hardwell

– Subtractive Drum & Bass Vol.3 features a unique combination of half-tempo Drum & Bass drums, blissful ambiences, intense build ups, stunning sound effects and live vocal performances

You can check out the rest of their releases right HERE.

That’s it for today, peace out!

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General - Loops

Production Department Picks of the Month April 13′

This Months products are really amazing production tools for anyone looking for inspiration from compelling guitar and drums sessions. Both libraries are incredibly diverse and cover even more ground when used together. They are both formatted in 24-Bit Apple Loops, Acidized WAV, REX, and Kontakt 4/5 formats (KLI Series, and are cut perfectly to bar lines so mixing, matching and original compositions are a piece of cake to create on the fly. If you need grab and go tools for pop, rock, alt and indie styles (to name a few) then look no further than Songwriter Drum Sessions and Guitar Sessions: Contemporary Pop Guitars!


Songwriter Drum Sessions is a library that defines “solid” playing, in a straightforward, catchy and easy to use format with 16 full drum loop sets. In addition 75 drum hits have been included for custom beat making. Pop, rock, downtempo, soul, dance and everything in between is covered in this amazing Drum Session library built for the producer who needs high quality, inspiring drum loops that are a cut above the rest!




Guitar Sessions: Contemporary Pop Guitars contains a huge assortment of loops ready to help you create chart topping hits of tomorrow. Covering rhythm, lead, ambience, and real melodic groove and a plethora of styles, Guitar Sessions covers everything you might need for the Pop genre. Incredible guitar tone is mixed with original creativity in this must have library for any pop producer. The library is massive, boasting 3.5 GB of truly usable original WAV content. Any guitar you need for pop music can be found right here, clean and distorted electrics, strummed and picked acoustics, ambient and steel guitars are all at your fingertips with Guitar Sessions: Contemporary Pop Guitars.



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True Keys Now Available

New! True Keys from VI Labs now available!

True Keys

True Keys is a Piano Virtual Instrument. It was created by recording nearly 50,000 audio files using some of the best microphones and recording equipment available today. Then, the audio files are matched to their corresponding piano, note, microphone position and velocity to build an electronic version of the piano. Next, the audio files are loaded into a software playback device called an engine that runs on a sophisticated scripting language to mimic the natural sound and playability of a real piano.

Traditional keyboards that have piano sounds built-in are typically built from modeling or by using samples. Models are mathematical representations of sound much like a synthesizer. A modeled piano is essentially a very large math equation used to mimic the sound of a piano. Samples are based on real recordings of an instrument. True Keys is built using real audio samples in every aspect of the software. From the individual microphone positions to the samples sympathetic resonance. Everything you hear is real.

We sampled 3 of the most popular grand pianos in the world for True Keys. We chose the pianos for this collection based on their craftsmanship and general tonality to ensure a wide array of tones between the library. From the pronounced low end and bombastic sound of the Italian Grand to the sweet and subtle nuances in the American Grand and everything in between we designed True Keys Pianos to be a versatile asset in your recording studio or for your live performance.


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New from Big Fish Audio “SWAGG”


SWAGG is the new urban synth virtual instrument developed by VIP Loops in collaboration with Big Fish Audio. Put simply, SWAGG is the ultimate urban instrument! SWAGG is based on the hottest sounds that create today’s hip hop, R&B, pop, and soul hits. The sounds are designed to be huge and to cut through your mix making your productions stand out from the competition. Containing over 8GB (11GB Uncompressed) of samples that were designed completely from the ground up and a total of 345 patches strictly designed for urban music production, SWAGG delivers go-to sounds that will allow you to create top notch productions whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to virtual synths.

When you’re in the studio and under deadlines you don’t have time to waste, SWAGG was designed to be easy to use so you can get down to business quickly. SWAGG boasts an incredible arpeggiator that allows you to easily edit the velocity of each note and pattern. Arps are essential to urban music, and SWAGG’s arp section does not disappoint. What about the fx? Our team has implemented its new fx concept called “Quick-Strike”. The Quick-Strike fx concept keeps with the promise to make SWAGG efficient in the studio and in performance as well as easy to use. From Drake-like single knob filters, to “Make It Bump” single knob eq fx, SWAGG gives you power to craft your sounds quickly and efficiently. All of the Quick-Strike fx have been calibrated to replicate the sound needed for the type of urban production you are creating. The foundation of hit music is great sounds and great sounds are at the core of SWAGG! It’s big, easy to use and incredibly modern. It’s The Ultimate Urban Virtual Instrument!


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This week in loops

Hey ya’ll!  Got some great loops coming your way this week.

Diginoiz released an excellent new R&B title, Perfect Vision R&B. With over a gig of material, it has just what you need to inspire your next production.

Prime Loops has three new products for you to check out. D&B DNADirty Bass Stabs – Electro and Trap Squad.

YNK Audio brings you a big batch of downloads. To highlight a couple:

– Trill HD is an unbelievable collection of five Dirty South Construction Kits

– Maybach Enterprise with must-have elements to build a solid dirty south track

– Spend The Night – a Seductive collection of five R&B/Hip-Hop Construction Kits

Lastly, Loopmasters released some great Dubstep and Trap titles, among other genres. Have a look at them all HERE!

Have a productive and restful weekend! Peace!

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This week in loops

Hey guys! Let’s dive into this week’s new loops.

Diginoiz has two sweet new products they just released. Deep House Sunsets and Fabulous Bangers 2.

Future Loops brings you Mosh Punk Guitar RiffsVox Dance 02 and Deep House 01.

Prime Loops released two great synth titles, Kontakt Analog Synths and Trap Synths. Some good stuff right there!

Samplephonics has four new downloads for you to grab! And all their products are currently 50% off, so be sure to browse through them and see if anything catches your eye.

For all you YNK Audio fans out there, there’s two new packs just for you. Southern Love 3 and Weezy’s World 3.

Boom Library has a new SFX library out, Close Combat – Bundle.

VI Labs releases True Keys.

And last but not least, Big Fish Audio has a trio of new releases out! SWAGG, the ultimate in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Soul synths, Future Complextro with 15 modern EDM tracks, and Cinematic Orchestral Themes with 20 incredible full length orchestral tracks. Check them out!

That’s all for this today, have a great weekend!

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