This week in loops

Hi there bloggers! Ready for a relaxing weekend? I sure am! I have some great products to tell you about today. Let’s dive in.

If you love Loopmasters, you’ll be excited to hear we got up 20 of their new titles! I’ll highlight a few of them here:

–  EDM & Main Room House Vol.2 – If you’re looking for powerful EDM samples, this is the product for you!

– Explosive Glitch Hop – This pack has everything you need for a new Mad & Dirty Glitch Hop tune!

– Jackin House Essentials Vol.2 – This collection has all the ingredients to build full Jackin dance productions.

– Quantum Theory – Entrapment – A Shockingly Heavy Trap collection to experiment with

The rest can be found HERE.

Lookin’ for some fresh Producer Loops? Well we got it!

– Houseism – 5 fully mastered and up-to-date Construction Kits for House & Progressive

– The Big Piano Pack – A colossal collection perfect for your next production

– Cinematic No Man’s Land – Piano, strings and many other instruments are included to give you that incredible, high quality Orchestral feel.

The rest can be found HERE.

That’s it for today! Peace!

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This week in loops

Hey there readers! Welcome back to the Big Fish Blog. Let’s get right into this week’s new releases!

We have two brand new Big Fish products to tell you about! Illusion is a cinematic guitar soundscapes, sound design and textures library. Perfect for producers and composers in the film and TV industry.
Rock Cinema 2: Reloaded is another amazing product, with 15 high quality construction kits of cinematic Rock.

We got up over ten new Loopmasters libraries, and I gotta say, they’re pretty great. To list a few:

– Destruction Dubstep – A perfect pack for the hard heads

– Spanish Guitar – Bringing you a fresh and exciting collection of Acoustic Spanish Guitar loops

– Deep House Logic Template Vol.2 – A rich and extensive multi track house production

The rest can be found HERE.

Samplephonics brings you Andy Baker Jazz Guitar SessionsDrum Tools 05: Pure Analogue Kits and Massive Drum And Bass Presets.

Prime Loops with Hip Hop Dynasty and Trap City.

Fatloud released Alien DubstepDope Keyz Vol.3 and EDM Toolkit.

Wolsfraektroes brings you Mason De Blanc: Progressive House Edition.

And lastly, Producer Loops with almost 25 fresh titles. All of them can be found HERE.

Have a great weekend. Peace!

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New from Big Fish Audio “Epic: Cinematic Drums & Sound Design”!

Epic: Cinematic Drums & Sound Design is a virtual instrument created for use with Native Instruments Kontakt 5 engine. Truly epic in scope (over 10.3GB uncompressed) but also simple to use, Epic is ideal for composers and sound designers working in film, movie trailers, games, television, production music, web design, or advertising. Epic not only includes a huge variety of cinematic drum loops and sampled drums – it’s also a powerful and flexible tool for cinematic-style sound design.

Use Epic’s deep collection of drum and percussion loops to quickly compose cinematic rhythmic beds in a wide variety of styles…

Create your own rhythmic fills and patterns with Epic’s multi- sampled instruments.

Add a professional edge to your cues with Epic’s powerful array of cinematic sound design elements…

Customize your sonic creations using the sound design tools on Epic’s graphic interface…

Includes 58 multi-sampled drums and percussion instruments, 24 Performance Kits (total of 1711 loops and one-shots), and 388 high-quality cinematic sound effects.

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Instruments - Loops

Production Department Picks of the Month September 13′

This month’s production department picks of the month come from the rising popularity of Dubstep and Electronica influences in modern Pop, RnB, and Indie tracks.  From punchy dance kick drums and dirty wobble basses, to out of this word synth pads and lead lines, these two products cover TONS of ground.  Both products come in 24-Bit Apple Loops, Acidized WAV and REX formats.  In addition to these formats both products include some midi files and have been formatted for Big Fish Audio’s new KLI series that takes advantage of the power and flexibility of Native Instruments’ “Kontakt” engine.



Future Complextro is the Dubstep/Complextro producers dream, and stays ahead of the curve in a very usable and current way.  All kits are recorded in 128 BPM so every element can be mixed and matched with ease.  There are separate drum hits and drums tracks folders as well for easy custom drum part creation. To put it simply, Future Complextro is SIMPLE in its layout but offers TONS in content.  Future Complextro contains over 700 MB of original content split into 15 full construction kits.

In the KLI version of Future Complextro, we have included separate patches to give you complete control over the iconic and much sought after “Wobble Bass” sound that make Dubstep so unique.  Various wobble bass sounds have been sliced up and laid out on the keyboard for quick and custom wobble performances. Here is a video performance of these wobble menus in action from another outstanding product. “Dubstep Killer“.  Although this video is from another product the concept and quality of these patches are the same.





Progressive House Hits boasts 15 full kits of House beats and melodies.  Fat synths, dirty leads and HUGE drums are just a few of the things that make this product great.  This product brings House music in the best way possible, inspiring, innovative, flashy and strong.  Drum track loops and single hits are also included so that full control over the beat section is at your finger tips.  Coming in at about 800 MB and boasting KLI formatting to make mixing, arranging and customizing even easier and more accessible, this product was a must have for us and we are sure it will be for you as well.

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General - Instruments - Loops

Top Loops & Instruments – August 2013

Check out our best sellers for August 2013!


1. Synthetic 1. Hatsune Miku V3 English
2. Indie Pop 2. Vintage Horns
3. Rock Cinema 3. Acoustic Legends HD
4. Acoustic Pop 4. SWAGG
5. Guitar Sessions: Contemporary… 5. MOJO: Horn Section
6. Ambient Skyline 3 6. First CAll Horns
7. Spark 7. Electri6ity
8. Piano Soundscapes 8. Vintage VI
9. Nashveille Sessions 9. True Keys
10. Guitar Soundscapes 10. Studio Kit Builder
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General - Instruments

New from Cypton Future Media “Hatsune Miku V3 English”












Hatsune Miku is “The First Sound of the Future” – a futuristic voice synthesizer software that allows you to easily create vocal parts from scratch by just entering a melody and lyrics. Add vibrato, dynamics and other effects to change the expression of Miku’s singing voice. Compose songs using Miku as your main singer, demo vocalist, chorus singer or experiment with new vocal styles for remixing and other electronic music projects. This all-in-one package includes vocal editor Piapro Studio VSTi, PreSonus Studio One Artist Piapro Edition, and over 200 virtual instruments for your immediate music production.

This database is based on a human voice, carefully recorded in a high-standard studio environment. Every sound was edited and optimized for the VOCALOID engine in order to create this database. With parameters such as gender factor or brightness, you are able to modify the voice and customize it to exactly fit your sound.




Database: English

Voice Characteristics: An Exotic, Transparent Female Voice

Suggested Music Styles: House, Techno, Crossover

Suggested Tempo: 100-130BPM

Recommended Vocal Range: B2-B3

NOTE: This vocal range is a recommended guideline only. Miku can sing in a much wider range in practice.

Recorded Voice for Database: Saki Fujita



A vocal editor that allows you to easily operate and modify Miku’s voice, Piapro Studio works as a VSTi plugin, and therfore performs at a high compatibility with main music production applications (PreSonus Studio One, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase etc.).


About AU (Mac) Plugin

Support for the AU (Mac) plugin is scheduled for an update. With this feature the usage with Apple Logic and Apple Garage Band will be possible.



– Supported VSTi plugin by all main music software applications

– Piano Roll Editor: Easy to use note & lyric editing. Enter the notes you want Miku to sing via the easy-to-use sequencer window, then type in the lyrics corresponding to each note

– Control Effects via Automation: Dynamics, breath, velocity, gender and other vocal characteristics can be manipulated simply with a pencil tool

– Vocal parts editable while playback

– Chorus: You can add up to 15 voice tracks simultaneously


– Import MIDI Files as Input: You can import a standard MIDI file and use the notes as the basis for Vocaloid tracks

– Save/Export Vocal Parts as .wav files

– Interface Language: Japanese, English, Chinese

– Display of multiple Automation Tracks

– Automatic Update (requires Internet Connection)


Bundled Software

HATSUNE MIKU V3 ENGLISH comes in an all-in-one package for your own music production of Miku songs! The product contains Miku’s English singing voice database, vocal editor Piapro Studio and the music production application Studio One Artist Piapro Edition coming with over 200 virtual instruments (guitar, piano, drums, and various other synthesizers). All applications can be synched with each other which enables you to easily produce whole musical compositions.


Studio One

With Studio One Artist, you can not only create rhythms and melodies, but also add all kinds of effects on Miku’s voice! The software’s intuitive operation interface allows easy editing, mixing and mastering of your musical creations.


PreSonus Virtual Instruments & Sounds
Studio One Artist Piapro Edition comes with over 200 instruments, enabling your creativity to explore and compose for a wide range of music genres.  Instruments: Guitar / Bass / Keyboard / Drum / Strings / Woodwind / Percussion and more!

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