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Welcome back, readers! I’ve got some pretty legit products to share with you today.

To start us off, the folks here at Big Fish Audio and Dieguis Productions are proud to announce the release of Gravity, a massive collection of Cinematic Electronica, Electro Rock and Dubstep styles. It’s something you won’t want to miss.
We’re also excited to share Modern Roots Reggae XXL with you – a hot new Reggae library from Big Fish Audio and VIP Loops.

Loopmasters has a handful of great new titles, I’ll highlight a few here:

Eddie Amador & Danny Cohiba Presents A Journey Into House: covering an extensive range of four to the floor dance styles from Classic House to Tech, Tribal Deep and beyond

Mediks Drum & Bass Surgery: an adrenaline rush of a sample pack featuring club smashing breaks, heavyweight bass lines and bold synths

Essential EDM Vol.2: 1.1 GB of awesome samples for producers aiming at the dance floor

The rest can be found HERE.

That’s all for today. Peace!

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Best Service Releases Cantus By Eduardo Tarilonte!

Now available from Big Fish Audio, Cantus brings you a real Gregorian Monk Ensemble featuring the sounds of the dark Middle Ages.

A perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create ambiences and music for films, documentaries, video games and new age music.

Unparalleled realism…Pure inspiration

Cantus is a unique choir library aimed at easily creating your own ultra-realistic liturgical melodies, without using any phrases. Cantus offers a powerful and innovative word builder which combines 24 words (120 elements including words and their syllables) with 5 true legato vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and a special Mmmh articulation, all at your finger tips in one patch.

Cantus offers:

• 5 different true Gregorian style legatos (a, e, i, o, u)
• Mmmh articulation
• A powerful word builder with 24 words, 3 different articulations (staccato, fast and slow
• Words can be splitted to offer a total of 120 words/syllables
• Words can be combined with true legato playing while the corresponding vowel is
automatically selected
• A collection of 20 Gregorian chants splitted into 400 phrases
• 60 minutes of music
• 20 soundscapes, created from vocal samples.


View product.

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General - Instruments - Loops

Top Loops & Instruments – January 2014

1. Neo Folk 1. Acou6tics
2. Elevate
2. Cinematic Thunder: Epic Orchestral
3. Indie Pop 3. Electri6ity
4. Hip Hop Crate Diggers 4. Hatsune Miku V3 English
5. Sound Squad 5. Zodiac
6. Clash: Global Cinematic Percussion 6. Acoustic Legends HD
7. Piano Soundscapes 7. Shevannai: The Voices of Elves
8. DAFT – Digital Analog Funk Theory 8. Vintage Horns
9. Acoustic Pop 9. MOJO: Horn Section
10. Country Roots 10. Epic: Cinematic Drums & Sound
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Dieguis Productions Releases “Elevate” Song Kits Update

Elevate – Evolution of a Sample Library
An interview with Phil Symonds of Dieguis Productions


About a month ago, around Christmas time this past year, I was talking with many owners of the Elevate library to check-in with them to see how they were getting along with the library and to basically find out if we had done a good job. Hoping they were going to be overly satisfied, instead what I found out was that the owners of the library were pleased with the product but wanted more control and ease of use. This realization led to many phone calls and Skype sessions to discuss with the owners what they felt would improve the library.

I wanted to know what types of things they wanted in additional to what was already there, what types of customized control were they wanting, how Dieguis Productions could aid them in creating in a more intuitive manner than ever before. So, I sat down with the Dieguis Productions and Big Fish Audio team to put the plans in place that would fulfill the owners needs as well as deliver a few surprises!

Below is a list of the items you guys said you most needed and wanted and what we’re delivering to you!


Elevate OwnersWe want the option of having “Song Kits” (Construction Kits) for quick and easy song creation as well as “Instrument Kits” for overdubs and single instrument song creation.

Dieguis Productions – Done, We’ve gone back to the original recording sessions and created Massive “Song Kits”, with tons of instruments and multiple versions and feels on many instruments.

1) Elevate - Multi-Format - Folder Overview
  (Click to enlarge)

Elevate OwnersWe need to have DAW Sessions of the all “Song Kits” in Multiple DAW formats so we can pull-up a session and get started immediately at creating.

Dieguis Productions – We’re delivering Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase and OMF (for all other DAWs) for ALL Song Kits in the library and we’ve included three DAW session types to choice from, for every song kit.

– Full Multi Drums (All Instruments as well as Multi-Drums)

– Full Multi Drums (Multi-Drums Only)

– Full Stereo (All Instruments and Stereo Drums)

2) Elevate - Multi-Format DAW Sessions 3) Elevate - Full Multi-Drums 4) Elevate - Multi-Drums

5) Elevate - Full -Stereo 6) Elevate - Drum Elements 7) Elevate - Mult-Drums

KLI Format

Elevate OwnersIt would be nice to have “Song Kits” (Construction style Kits) for the entire library, so we can easily match the various song sections together and create super quick mock-ups.

Dieguis Productions – Yep, no worries, we’ve created two versions of “Song Kits” for you!

– “Song Kits” – All instruments grouped individually for maximum creativity and usability. Create depth, texture and intensity quickly and easily. Instruments are mapped one instrument to the octave and song sections placed on corresponding and matching keyboard keys. No more wondering which song section goes with which song section.

– “Song Kits Masters” – All Instruments grouped as one instrument with matching drums (or multiple drum parts) for ultra-quick mock-ups and song creation. Independent control of Melodic and Rhythmic Instruments means you can mix n match various drum grooves over the melodic instruments super easily.

2) Elevate - Song Kits Masters  1) Elevate - Song Kits

Elevate OwnersWe love the performances included in the library but it would be cool to be able to re-arrange and customize the performances even more.
Dieguis Productions – Hmmm, we like that idea too we say with a sinister laugh.
We went into the Dieguis Productions/Big Fish Audio lab and have created an update to the KLI Series interface that will give you the ability to customize and tweak the included content even more than previously possible. We introduce to you “Phrase Play” (trumpeted fanfare and red carpets pulled out)

There are four controls on “Phrase Play”.

3) Elevate - Phrase Play - Phrase Play Overview

“Mono” – Turned Off (Default) multiple notes within the instrument group are able to be sounded simultaneously. Turned On, only one note is able to be sounded at a time.

4) Elevate - Phrase Play - Mono

“Legato” – Turned Off (Default) the loop performance will be triggered and played from the start of the loop. Turned On, when switching to a new loop, in a legato playing manner, the new loop will pick-up where the previous loops playing position was. This update allows for tremendous creative control in real-time performance of parts. No longer be stuck to the chord changes or melodies of a performed loop. Now you can re-arrange and truly perform, in real-time, a new performance.

5) Elevate - Phrase Play - Legato

“X-Fade” – Controls the amount of cross- fade when switching between two notes. Customize it for your individual playing style and needs.

6) Elevate - Phrase Play - X-Fade

” Mod-Start” – When turned on, the Mod-Wheel will control where the loop will start from. Down all the way, the loop will start from the beginning. When moved up, the loop will start and be triggered further into the loops performance.

7) Elevate - Phrase Play - Mod Start
Elevate OwnersIs that all you got?

Dieguis Productions – Nope, We got some more for you!

We’ve added a couple extra features that will give you even more control and aid in your ability to create intuitively. Color coding of the KLI Interface and the ability to control and change the key of the song on the keyboard. You can still change the key with the tuning knobs if you prefer and now your able to adjust the key of the song on the keyboard as well.
Color Coded Interface and Key Change

– Green – Represents a “Group” of instruments. Used exclusively on “Song Kit Masters”

– Blue – Represents “Individual Instruments” group

– Red – Represents the range the song can be transposed

– Yellow – Represents the “Root Key” (Original key the song was recorded in)

– Cyan – Represents the “New Key” or transposed key. Note that the yellow (root key) will continue to stay lit in order to show the root key.

8)  Elevate - Colors and Key Change

Ok, so now for the best news of all ……….
If you’re a current owner of the Elevate library than all of these updates are completely free for you!!!
Simply contact Big Fish Audio customer service (customerservice@bigfishaudio.com) and request the new song kits.

It is Dieguis Productions’ plan and goal moving forward to deliver future libraries with all of these updates and improvements. Over time, we are also planning on updating previously released Dieguis Productions libraries as well so keep your eyes open for the fun! As always, thanks for supporting Dieguis Productions/Big Fish Audio, we strive to create libraries that you will love using and aid you in creating at your highest potential.
Do you like these changes, updates and improvements?

Let us know and tell us what you think, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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