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Coming Soon From Big Fish Audio – SMACK: Claps, Smacks & Stomps

COMING SOON: Big Fish Audio’s SMACK: Claps, Smacks & Stomps. A time saving resource for the modern composer, this collection of various claps, snaps, stomps, bass drums, shakers, tambourines, and found percussion will easily unlock your creativity. This unique percussion instrument is the perfect tool to add color to music of any genre, or provide the foundation for your next composition.

SMACK was solely utilized to create the music for this trailer.

SMACK was created for use within the Kontakt 5 Player engine. SMACK will run in standalone mode and is also compatible with every major sequencing software in the world, including but not limited to: Apple Logic and GarageBand, MOTU Digital Performer, Digidesign Pro Tools (9 and higher), Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo, Ableton Live, and more.


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Top Loops & Instruments – August 2014

1. Ambient Pop 1. Acou6tics
2. Modern Country
2. MOJO: Horn Section
3. Americana Songwriter 3. Acou6tics Electri6ity Bundle
4. Purple Drizzle XXL
4. Urban Legacy XXL
5. Epic Drums II  
5. Acoustic Ledgends HD
6. LA Pop Sessions Bundle 6. VI. ONE
7. Steel & Wood: Songwriter Acoustic… 7. Shevannai: The Voices of Elves
8. Country Folk 8. Electri6ity
9. Elevate 
9. Zodiac
10. Tension: Orchestral FX & Elements 10. Hatsune Miku V3 English
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