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Big Fish Audio’s Fall Loops Sale Is Here!

Fall into huge savings with 20% off loops sitewide, now through Monday, November 3rd! Use coupon code FALL20 at checkout. Some exclusions apply. Get shopping now!

Fall Loops Sale

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Big Fish Audio’s Columbus Day Sale Extended!

Save big with Big Fish Audio’s Columbus Day Sale! Now extended through Tuesday OCT. 14, take 30% off your purchase of any 3 products, 20% off any 2 products, or 10% off any 1 product of your choice!

Columbus Day Sale

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Big Fish Audio’s SMACK: Claps, Snaps & Stomps Now Available!

Big Fish Audio is proud to present SMACK: Claps, Snaps & Stomps! A time-saving resource for the modern composer, this collection of various claps, snaps, stomps, bass drums, shakers, tambourines, and found percussion will easily unlock your creativity. This unique percussion virtual instrument is the perfect tool to add color to music of any genre, or provide the foundation for your next composition.

SMACK was created to save you time and enhance the creative process by deeply sampling various groups of percussion, claps, snaps, and stomps. With single, small group, and large group options, there are limitless songwriting applications! Use the intuitive user interface to easily navigate between up to 10 groups per patch, and strengthen each sample by adding any of the 8 premium FX included.

SMACK is powered by the industry-leading Kontakt engine. It is compatible with VST, RTAS (Pro Tools 9 & 10), and AAX (Pro Tools 10 & 11) plug-in formats allowing it to work seamlessly within any major sequencer, in addition to standalone use.

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Overview Of The New ‘Cinematic Guitar Series’ From Dieguis Productions

Impulse: Cinematic Guitar Series is the first release in a brand new series by Big Fish Audio and Dieguis Productions.
The “Cinematic Guitar Series” was created to give artists the tools needed to quickly and easily replicate the power, sound and epic feel of the guitar in modern Film and TV music. Whether you’re wanting some atmospheric guitar pads for your documentary, needing some dramatic chime guitars to add to a commercial spot or have to have some ethnic koto ukulele for your next Video Game score; this series has got you completely covered!
Each of the libraries in the “Cinematic Guitar Series” will focus on various cinematic genres ranging from Drama and Documentary to Comedy and Indie, from Thriller and Suspense to Action and Adventure. Impulse focuses on the Documentary, Foreign and Dramatic Guitar Styles and is a massive 5.5 GB collection (2.3 GB of 24-bit WAV files) of Cinematic Guitars. Even though Impulse is primarily focused on the Documentary, Foreign Film and Dramatic cinematic genres the library can very easily be used in virtually any cinematic style and genre.
Impulse contains 15 kits packed full of 100% real acoustic, electric and ethnic guitars. Each and every kit contains multiple unique guitars with styles including gorgeous chime guitars, luscious ukuleles, shimmery ambient guitars, baritone guitars, haunting resonator guitars, chilling acoustic slide guitars, banjos, tremolo guitars, rhythmic pulse guitars, swells guitars and so many more. Each and every kit in the entire library also contains multiple song sections (Verse, Chorus, Bridge/Breakdown, Turnaround and Outro) allowing for virtually unlimited options; giving you everything you need to tweak to your hearts content.
Impulse: Cinematic Guitar Series comes in the following formats: Mult-Format (Apple Loops, REX, WAV, RMX, Acid and DAW Sessions) and KLI (Kontakt 4 and 5 Instrument). The DAW Sessions (Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase and OMF) allow you to start creating immediately by opening up complete arrangements of each and every kit in the entire library; mixed, panned and ready for action.
Impulse: Cinematic Guitar Series Kontakt version is part of our KLI Series and includes a custom user interface with various features to help make it easier to customize the included loops and sounds exactly how you want. You’ll find all loops automatically sync to your host tempo. Each loop is presented in three different ways. First, with the “Kit Combos” and “Kit Combo Masters” you’ll find each loop as part of a complete construction kit laid out across the keyboard for easy and quick arrangements. Second, in the “Single Instruments” you’ll find the various guitars grouped together; giving you the option of having the construction kits content in just a few instruments. Third, each loop has its own patch in the “Sliced Loops” section with our custom loop editing interface. Rearrange, remix, or completely rework each loop to fit with your music exactly how you want. We’ve also included a demo section for quick auditioning of the entire library.
Feed the inner fire, and let the emotional conviction of Impulse and the new Cinematic Guitar Series spark your creative flames and inject your tracks with the raw emotional and epic power of today’s hottest Cinematic guitar music.

Impulse: Cinematic Guitar Series Specs:


– 5.5 GB of Total Content (2.3 GB of 24-bit WAV files)

– Total files: 1079 Files (WAV, REX and Apple Loops)

– Acidized WAV: 2.3 GB (351 Files)

– Apple Loops: 2.3 GB (351 Files)

– REX: 867 mb (377 Files)

– 15 Massive Construction Kits
Each kit contains a demo mix, each and every melodic, rhythmic and textural element broken out into stackable song sections, allowing you to mix and match and tweak to your hearts content.


– 2.3 GB of content

– 377 Total Kontakt Patches

– 15 Kit Combos

– 15 Kit Combos Masters

– 11 Single Instruments Patches

– 336 Sliced Loops


Impulse Instruments

Acoustic Chime (6 Audio Files)

Acoustic Rhythm (8 Audio Files)

Acoustic Picking (40 Audio Files)

Acoustic Slide (8 Audio Files)

Ambient Resonator (5 Audio Files)

Ambient Guitar (40 Audio Files)

Banjo (8 Audio Files)

Baritone Guitar (13 Audio Files)

Chimes Guitar (6 Audio Files)

Drone Resonator (5 Audio Files)

Koto Ukulele (6 Audio Files)

Picking Guitar (46 Audio Files)

Power Guitar (6 Audio Files)

Pulse Baritone (8 Audio files)

Picking Ukulele (12 Audio Files)

Resonator (13 Audio Files)

Resonator Strum (8 Audio Files)

Rhythm Guitar (6 Audio Files)

Resonator Drone (8 Audio Files)

Resonator Ambient (8 Audio Files)

Resonator Slap (5 Audio Files)

Swells Guitar (26 Audio Files)

Slide Guitar (20 Audio Files)

SFX Guitar (6 Audio Files)

Trem Guitar (5 Audio Files)

Ukulele (14 Audio Files)

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Top Loops & Instruments – September 2014

1. Colours 1. Acou6tics
2. Ambient Pop
2. Electri6ity
3. Suspense:Cinematic Percussion… 3. SMACK: Claps, Snaps & Stomps
4. Elevate 
4. Shevannai: The Voices of Elves
5. LA Pop Sessions Bundle
5. Mystica
6. Americana Songwriter 6. Hatsune Miku V3 English
7. Mayhem: Dirty Dubstep 7. MOJO: Horn Section
8. Acoustic Pop 8. Urban Legacy XXL
9. 1970’s Funk and Soul
9. Vintage Horns
10. Dark Bangerz Da Bundle 10. Acou6tics Electri6ity Bundle
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