Ueberschall’s Elastik 2.6 Update Now Available

Elastik 2.6

Elastik 2.6 from Ueberschall presents a new way of thinking about time.

The new time-engine offers fast and easy access to all important tempo parameters. From the Time panel you can edit the groove of a sample with just a few clicks. Additionally Elastik 2.6 provides a number of different processing algorithms. For example the new advanced zPlane elastique pro v3 algorithm allows you to adjust the tempo of a loop over a much greater range while still preserving the quality of the sound – even when used with loops containing strong transients such as drums.

The time-engine also allows you to quickly edit a loop so that it takes on a triplet, half-time or even out-of-sync groove compared to your project tempo. In addition, using extreme tempo reductions with almost any sound can provide a source of drones or pads for sound design applications.

Furthermore the time option, in conjunction with sequence mode or automation, offers innovative new ways to alter the sound of your loops. By allowing you to easily apply effects like pitch, filter, formant, envelope and reverse into the mix on a per-slice basis. With the new update, Elastik 2.6 becomes the ideal creative tool for your individual sound.

Download the update HERE.

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Instruments - Loops

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