Vir2’s Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer – Now Available for Pre-order!

 Pre-order Vir2’s Aeris now at special price… product release date June 14th, 2016


Superior Choirs, Solo Singers & Sound Design

Aeris combines the usefulness and practicality of beautifully recorded male & female choirs and solo singers with the powerful sound design capabilities of the Kontakt engine. Vir2 multi-sampled all singers performing vowels Ah’s, Oh’s, Oo’s, and Hums. Composers will easily be able to create lush vocal performances for their projects with different articulations including non-vibrato, vibrato, and true legato.


Pre-order Aeris Here!

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Instruments - Loops

Top Loos & Instruments – April 2016

1. Acoustic Songwriter
1. Cyborg
2. Hit Life: Modern Hip Hop
2. Apollo: Cinematic Guitars
3. Eclipse 2: Ambient Guitars
3. The Vintage Collection
4. Cinematic Percussion 3
4. Acou6tics
5. Indie Pop
5. Electricity
6. Country Pop 6. Cinematic Ambient VI Bundle
7. Funk Force 5 7. Chris Hein Solo Violin
8. Mariachi 8. Emotional Cello
9. Guitar Sessions: Pop Songwriting… 9.  Vintage Horns 
10. R&B Chord Progressions MIDI…
10. Trinity Drums
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