NAMM 2017






Big Fish Audio and Vir2 Instruments announce new virtual instruments at the 2017 NAMM Show. Among the products demoed were MOJO 2: Horn Section, SEQUENCE, and the first in a new series of instruments, Vital Series: Mallets.





MOJO 2: Horn Section

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, this much anticipated follow up to the groundbreaking and award winning MOJO contains over 100 GB of recorded content. With thirteen different instruments, three unique era settings, sixteen articulations for each instrument, four different mic positions and the ability to select how many players per instrument, MOJO 2 is on pace to break more ground in 2017.

Watch Live At NAMM MOJO 2: Horn Section DEMO HERE.




Vital Series: Mallets

Vital Series: Mallets is the first in a group of virtual instruments essential for today’s composer and sound designer. With various mallet options for each instrument, up to 4 velocity layers & 5 round robins, Mallets delivers eight expertly recorded instruments: Marimba, Xylohone, glockenspiel, tubular bells, glass marimba, songbells, vibraphone and crotales.

 Watch Live At NAMM Vital Series: Mallets DEMO HERE.





SEQUENCE is a powerful new Hip Hop drum creator with over 4000 sounds, 32 unique 808 sub basses, a 12 channel sequencer, and a roll creator with 1/2 – 1/128 note divisions.





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