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Top Loops & Instruments – August 2017

1. Kandiland: EDM Construction Kits 1. Sequece: Hip Hop Beat Creator
2. Funk Soul Horns 2
2. Vintage Horns 2
3. Gold Label: Hip Hop and RnB 3. Vintage Horns Bundle
4. Momentum: Pop Rock Hits 4. Electri6ity
5. Cinematic Percussion 3 5. Orcherstra, The
6. Country Roots 6. Apollo: Cinematic Guitars
7. Trapical & Future Pop 7. Acou6tics
8. Hypnotic Trapsoul 8. Acou6tics Electricity Bundle
9. Velocity 9. The Vintage Collection
10. Rock Classics 10. Grindhouse
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SEQUENCE: Hip Hop Beat Creator Now Available!



Big Fish Audio is proud to present Sequence: Hip Hop Beat Creator, a powerful and effective sequencer with built-in 808 basses and a drum roll creator. Sequence sets a new standard for modern sequencers, going beyond the norm and providing real tools for real producers at a real value. With over 4,000 drum samples, 32 unique 808 basses, and a roll creator that puts Trap-style hi-hat and snare rolls at your fingertips, the search for beat, bass and rhythm is over.



This twelve channel sequencer offers up to twelve beat variations using the “Scenes” buttons and corresponding (green) MIDI notes for playback. You can turn a sample on or off for up to 64 steps in your sequence, and unlike other sequencers, each step of the sequence has controls to adjust volume, pitch, pan, and sample length, allowing for incredibly unique and expressive drum parts. In addition, every sample loaded into your sequencer can also be played as one shots from your midi controller.




The Mixer page allows you to adjust volume and pan for all channels as well as add FX. Sequence comes with fourteen different FX that can be applied to each channel individually or to the master output. In addition, there are Sample Edit controls for shaping each channel’s loaded sample.




The Roll Creator can use any sample from Sequence to create complex and fast patterns. Drum patterns that are difficult to perform and program are made simple using this section of Sequence.




 The Menus page allows you to quickly preview any of over 4,000 drum samples using the sixty-two different banks of drum sounds. Once you find a sample you want to use, it can be instantly applied to any of the twelve sequencer channels or the Roll Creator.




From this page you can select one of the thirty-two included 808s to be played from the 808 section of your keyboard. You can also choose between various playback modes and apply FX such as Saturation, EQ, Compression and Drive.
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Introducing Vintage Horns 2 By Funk/Soul Productions & Big Fish Audio!



Vintage Horns 2 is a collection of virtual instruments specifically designed to emulate the sound of horn players from the 60s and 70s, including such classic styles as Vintage Funk & Soul, Cool Jazz, Roadhouse R&B and Rock ’n’ Roll, 60s Pop Rock, Vintage Film Noir, and Soul Jazz.

Vintage Horns 2 is not just a re-make of Vintage Horns 1. It is a completely different library that includes complimentary instruments to its predecessor.

Like its best-selling predecessor, Vintage Horns, Vintage Horns 2 was not designed to be a perfect, pristine-sounding virtual instrument. Instead, our goal was to create a collection of brass and woodwind instruments that captured the character of horn players from the 60s and 70s, including the quirks and minor imperfections that made them sound so good.

The inspiration for Vintage Horns 2 came from the iconic playing styles of such well-known musicians as Maceo Parker, Miles Davis, Junior Walker, King Curtis, Stan Getz, Freddie Hubbard, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Herbie Mann, Zoot Sims, and Gerry Mulligan.


VintageHornsBundle_Small3 VintageHorns1Offer3_Small

Vintage Horns 2 Announcement Newsletter


Vintage Horns 2 PDF Manual

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Big Fish Audio Is At Gearfest 2017!


Visit us at Sweetwater’s 16th Annual GearFest, June 23-24, 2017 in Tent 16 – Booth H6. We’ll be there showing the latest virtual instruments from Big Fish Audio and Vir2 Instruments!





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Top Loops & Instruments – April 2017

1. Kandiland: EDM Construction Kits 1. Vital Series: Mallets
2. Hypnotic: Trapsoul 2. SMACK: Claps, Snaps & Stomps
3. Intensity: Rock Construction Kits 3. The Vintage Collection
4. Momentum: Pop Rock Hits 4. Grindhouse
5. Entourage: Modern RnB, Trap and Hip… 5. MOJO: Horn Section
6. Midnight: MinimalHip Hop, RnB Trap Kits 6. Apollo: Cinematic Guitars
7. Country Pop 7. Acou6tics Electricity Bundle
8. Modern Country Vol. 2 8. Talkbox Jr.
9. Cinematic Percussion 3 9. Era II Medival Ledgends
10. Empire: Trap Construction Kits 10. Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer
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Top Loops & Instruments – March 2017

1. Momentum: Pop Rock Hits 1. Vital Series: Mallets
2. Midnight: MinimalHip Hop, RnB Trap Kits 2. Acou6tics Electricity Bundle
3. Cinematic Percussion 3 3. Apollo: Cinematic Guitars
4. Country Folk 4. Cyborg
5. Kingdom 5. Goth
6. Entourage: Modern RnB, Trap and Hip… 6. Grindhouse
7. Americana Songwriter 7. The Vintage Collection
8. Eclipse 2: Ambient Guitars 8. Ambient White
9. Kandiland: EDM Construction Kits 9. SMACK: Claps, Snaps & Stomps
10. 1970’s Funk and Soul 10. Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer
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