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Dieguis talks with Big Fish Audio about the KLI Series

This week Dieguis Productions talks with Big Fish Audio about the KLI Series

Dieguis Productions has been working for months now with Big Fish Audio on the KLI Series and we’re uber excited for this line to finally be released. We talked with so many producers, composers, writers and beat makers on how we could help them to utilize our libraries more effectively and efficiently and the KLI Series is the culmination of all of these requests.

We started by finding out from them how each of them created songs, scores and the like, how they would typically have their various kits and instruments laid out, how they typically used the loops and construction kits and even what they didn’t like about working with loops and construction kits. We thought, there has to be a better way for users to access and manipulate the instruments, loops and sounds in real time. We started seeing that the Kontakt engine was made for this instant gratification and tweakbility and so we teamed up with Big Fish Audio and started putting together this massive wish list of all of the comments from users and additional requests we thought would be useful and cool.

The highlight for us was watching the faces of users when they tested the new KLI Series.

It was such a delight for us to see users faces light up when they could quickly create complex ideas on the fly.

“We work with critical deadlines at our studio. Typically the ideas found in the KLI Series would take an immense amount of time to achieve, however, now they are instantaneous. The ability to tweak the loops at the note level was astounding. The KLI Series is mind numbing and will be a staple in our productions.” Mark T. Williams,Ah2 Music(Biggest Loser, The Apprentice, Shark Tank, Masterchef and many more)

Our goal over the next few weeks is to deliver our entire library series in the KLI format. We’re also working on releasing video tours of each of the libraries so that you’ll better be able to see and hear the various kits, instruments and loops in each of the libraries. If you have a particular Dieguis Productions library that you would like to be released sooner than later please let us know! Contact Us

Kit Demos

The Kit Demos were created for quickly being able to audition the sounds and grooves of the various kits of the entire library; without the need of opening each and every kit.

Its basically a really cool way to hear what kind of grooves and instruments are included within the library.

Kit Combos

The Kit Combos correspond to the various kits within the library and each Kit combo represents a different feel, style and vibe

ALL of the kit combos will lock to your hosts tempo providing greater flexibility within the kontakt enviornment

Each instrument in the kit has its own channel strip which provides you with the ability to not only see the instruments kit number, recorded tempo and song key; but also the flexibility and freedom to control each instruments volume and pan position, allowing you to create quick and easy mixes within the kontakt instrument.

When an instrument is triggered, the appropriate instrument will be highlighted so you can see exactly which instrument or instruments are being played.

Each kit combo also has its own instrument fx section as well ….allowing you to create some really interesting and unique sounds. YOu can use one or multiple effects at the same time to create some pretty dramatic sounds.

The beauty of the kit combos is that they give you the ability to very quickly start creating, building and programming songs by giving immediate access to the various song sections within each of the various kits

Not only do you have immediate access to each of the various instruments and their corresponding song sections; but you can use them individually, or in combination with each other to create quick, easy and authentic music creations!

Single Instruments

We’ve created “single instruments” as a way to quickly find, audition and load the various similar instruments within the library without the need to search through all of the various kits.

We’ve found that having just the like instruments by themselves is very useful. Whether thats to add a particular instruments flavor over a track or simply as a way to start creating a song

The Single Instruments allow you to quickly find the instrument or instruments you need without having to search through each and every kit.

As with the kit combos, the single instruments also shows the kit number, recorded tempo and song key at the top of each of the various channel strips.

The mixer window in the single instruments also gives you control over each instruments volume, pan control and instrument fx panel.

Sliced Loops

I really love the Sliced Loops mode and its absolutely one of the most exiting aspects of the KLI Series.

The Sliced Loops mode allows you the ability to manipulate and tweak each and every Loop to your hearts content. It gives you the ability to control and adjust the instruments volume, pitch, pan, attack, decay, cutoff and resonation.

* For an in depth and detailed look at the various “Sliced loops” functions, please check out the extensive and informative Sliced Loops video.

There are two modes in the Sliced Loops….”one shot” bypassed or one shot on

With “one shot” mode turned on, each of the slice points now becomes its own one shot, THis is perfect for drums, percussion and SFX.

With “one shot” mode in bypass, sliced loops gives you the ability to play the loop from any of the instruments slice points, this allows you to feel as if your playing and truly controlling the instrument giving you total freedom in the ability to manipulate the loops original recorded groove. This freedom allows you to not have to use the instrument as it was recorded and therefore offers an infinite number of ways in which the instrument can now sound.