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Production Department Picks of the Month Mar 12′

Sometimes you have to be a little different to get noticed.  If you do the same old thing and sound like everybody else it can be a struggle to make it to the top.  This month I want to look at a couple of libraries that are a little “different” from your standard loop libraries.


Quirky Guitar Vol.1 and Quirky Guitar Vol.2 are two of our most unique and original libraries.  These loops feature but are not limited to guitars.  You’ll also find glockenspiels, bells, music boxes, pianos, hand claps, and a few other “bells & whistles”.  The mood of these libraries is light and playful while still containing content to create some series musical pieces.  You may be reminded of some indie singer songwriter artists such as, Feist, Ingrid Michaelson, Lenka, and the like.

As part of the Textured Series, these construction kits don’t contain any drums but simply focus on the melodic instruments,  opening up the possibilities with these loops to go in any number of musical directions.  The recording quality is top notch and the musicality is simply outstanding.  Both products have been formatted in WAV, REX, Apple Loops, as well as in our KLI format for our Kontakt users.  At 69.95 each you will find a serious bang for your buck with loads of usable and inspiring loops for your next album, commercial, or tv spot.

Use code QUIRKY1 to receive 30% off when you buy both Quirky Guitar Vol.1 and Quirky Guitar Vol.2.