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Top 10 Loops and Instruments – May 2010

The month of May brought the release of several new products for Big Fish
Audio, none more anticipated than Vir2’s Electri6ity. With more than 24,000
24-bit samples and the most advanced scripting to date, it’s no surprise that
Electri6ity quickly claimed the top instrument spot of the month, even though it was released two weeks in. Judging from the initial response from its user base, I have a feeling this product is in for a long
ride at the top.

On the loop side of things, Cinematic Percussion grabbed the top honors, followed
closely by Kings of the South: Dirty Crunk Kits and Urban Inspiration. Also
breaking into the top ten were two new products from Nova loops, Urban Pop
Heat and Hustla Anthems.

Cinematic Percussion Kings of the South: Dirty Crunk Kits Urban Inspiration Electri6ity MOJO: Horn Section Addictive Drums
1. Cinematic Percussion 1. Electri6ity
2. Kings of the South: Dirty Crunk Kits 2. MOJO: Horn Section
3. Urban Inspiration 3. Addictive Drums
4. Epic Drums 4. Hollywoodwinds
5. Smooth n’ Sexy R&B Guitar Pak 5. Acoustic Legends HD
6. Pop Ballads 6. World Impact: Global Percussion
7. Urban Pop Heat 7. Cinesamples Percussion Bundle
8. Hustla Anthems: Dirty South Edition 8. VI.ONE
9. Plush 9. Miroslav Vitous String Ensembles
10. Crank’d: Urban Rock 10. Celtic Instruments
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