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Production Department Picks of the Months Sep 12′

This months picks of the month include two outstanding libraries featuring guitars played with various unique effects allowing the user to use them in many different musical contexts.  Many of the sounds are specifically geared towards a more modern cinematic use while others would be great in rock, electronica, ambient, or other experimental styles.  Each of the two libraries comes in both WAV, REX, and Apple Loop formats as well as in Kontakt format as part of our KLI Series.


First, let’s take a look at Guitar Soundscapes.  Guitar Soundscapes has a specific lushness to the sound design and will immediately draw you in with its full spectrum of guitar parts from high soaring leads to deep more pad-like Guitarscapes.  All guitars were recorded using real amps and all effects were created using outboard effects and top of the line guitar pedals.  We think you will agree the result is stunningly beautiful.  In total, there is more than 3 GB (24-bit WAV) of original content here.




Second up is the just released Eclipse: Ambient Guitars.  This product  explores a very wide range of guitars from acoustics to various different electrics.  In addition there is a vast amount of different effects used and a lot of experimental uses of the guitars.  From percussion effects created by a recorded guitar, to intensely unique and complicated delay effects.  Some of the kits sound as if they could fit directly into a cutting edge rock song while others would be perfect content to find its way into a modern techie film score.  Just like Guitar Soundscapes, Eclipse contains a large amount of content with nearly 3.5 GB (24-bit WAV) of content.

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