This week in downloads

Hello everyone, here is this weeks update with our latest and greatest downloads.  =)

Drum Drops released quite a bit of material for us this week.  Soundsystem Vocals Vol.1, and Soundsystem Vocals Vol.2 are two reggae vocal packs that are really well done.  They also expanded on their Fistful of Drummers series by bringing in Fistful of Drummers Vol.2 and they’ve created a new series that I think is going to be great, Drum Drops in Ska Vol.1.

Industrial Strength Records is still a fresh face to our website and definitely a worthy addition.  This week they released Analog Explorer and Computer Core.  Now Analog Explorer was produced by Xtront (if you don’t know who he is, you might want to) and let me tell you, he did an incredible job with the drums!

Bringing in the tail end of this section is the well known Future Loops.  They released House Fragments and Beatbox All-Stars this week and you need to do a drive by listen.  Seriously! Beatbox All-Stars is amazing and the talent they got to record with is jaw dropping (all their names are in the product description).

That’s it for downloads this week.  Make sure to stop by www.bigfishaudio.com and listen to all the great things we have going on.

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