Big Fish Audio Production Department Pick of the Month

This month let’s take a look back to our musical history, to a time where music was changing the world and influencing the direction of music into what it is today. Detroit was the capital of the R&B and Soul movement of the 60’s and 70’s and out of it came a sound the world had never heard before. Artists like  Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, and even Michael Jackson were all part of this music that is still so popular and loved today.

Big Fish Audio and Funk Soul Productions have set out to capture these wonderful sounds and rhythms in our two highlighted products for this month. the first product to highlight, is Vintage R&B. Vintage R&B, a winner of the Music Tech Magazine “Excellence Award”, sets to capture some of the earliest sounds of R&B with it’s funky horns, rhythmic guitars, smooth strings, and incredible drum parts. There are 25 different construction kits all formatted in WAV, REX, and Apple Loop formats. In addition we’ve included and easy double click RMX format installer for all you Stylus users.

Next up is Detroit Soul. Detroit Soul was awarded 10/10 and given the Music Tech Magazine “Excellence Award” as well. Aiming for the very heart of Soul Music, Detroit Soul definitely hits the mark. You may just enjoy listening to these 28 construction kits as each one will bring you back to a time when music wasn’t about auto-tune, and predictability but about real musicianship and incredible songwriting.

Make sure to download the free sample packs from each of these products.  This is a great way to preview each product before you buy.

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General - Loops

Production Department Pick of the Month

In this post I am going to give you my picks of the month and focus on two outstanding guitar loop libraries we’ve recently released. First on my list is Off the Hook Guitars. Off the Hook Guitars continues in a long line of worldwide hits in the “Off the Hook” series. There is something special that can happen to a Hip Hop or R&B track when you add the element of a live played guitar. Whether your looking for licks or leads, rhythm parts, or wah wah guitars you’ll find it all in this jam packed library. These expertly played and recorded guitars are definitely Off the Hook!

My second library recommendation for the month is Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll Project. Michael Ripoll is an A level guitarist working in the studio and on tour with some of the biggest names in the industry. Working with Michael on this project was a lot of fun. His range of talent and mastery of so many different styles is astounding. This is truly evident in this library as it contains over 1,000 loops ranging from rock to country, jazz, to funk. This is a must have library that will be an asset in many many music productions for years to come. (Currently Michael is working on a couple new projects for Big Fish Audio, so keep your eye out for their release later this year).

Now that you know my picks of the month go ahead and check them out yourselves. Both of them contain a free sample pack for you to download and try out yourself. On top of that I would like to personally offer our Blog readers a coupon code good for $20 dollars off either of these products for the month of June. Enter BRGPC1 at check out to receive your discount on one or both of these products!

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