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Production Department Picks of the Month April 13′

This Months products are really amazing production tools for anyone looking for inspiration from compelling guitar and drums sessions. Both libraries are incredibly diverse and cover even more ground when used together. They are both formatted in 24-Bit Apple Loops, Acidized WAV, REX, and Kontakt 4/5 formats (KLI Series, and are cut perfectly to bar lines so mixing, matching and original compositions are a piece of cake to create on the fly. If you need grab and go tools for pop, rock, alt and indie styles (to name a few) then look no further than Songwriter Drum Sessions and Guitar Sessions: Contemporary Pop Guitars!


Songwriter Drum Sessions is a library that defines “solid” playing, in a straightforward, catchy and easy to use format with 16 full drum loop sets. In addition 75 drum hits have been included for custom beat making. Pop, rock, downtempo, soul, dance and everything in between is covered in this amazing Drum Session library built for the producer who needs high quality, inspiring drum loops that are a cut above the rest!




Guitar Sessions: Contemporary Pop Guitars contains a huge assortment of loops ready to help you create chart topping hits of tomorrow. Covering rhythm, lead, ambience, and real melodic groove and a plethora of styles, Guitar Sessions covers everything you might need for the Pop genre. Incredible guitar tone is mixed with original creativity in this must have library for any pop producer. The library is massive, boasting 3.5 GB of truly usable original WAV content. Any guitar you need for pop music can be found right here, clean and distorted electrics, strummed and picked acoustics, ambient and steel guitars are all at your fingertips with Guitar Sessions: Contemporary Pop Guitars.



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Top 10 Loops and Instruments – May 2010

The month of May brought the release of several new products for Big Fish
Audio, none more anticipated than Vir2’s Electri6ity. With more than 24,000
24-bit samples and the most advanced scripting to date, it’s no surprise that
Electri6ity quickly claimed the top instrument spot of the month, even though it was released two weeks in. Judging from the initial response from its user base, I have a feeling this product is in for a long
ride at the top.

On the loop side of things, Cinematic Percussion grabbed the top honors, followed
closely by Kings of the South: Dirty Crunk Kits and Urban Inspiration. Also
breaking into the top ten were two new products from Nova loops, Urban Pop
Heat and Hustla Anthems.

Cinematic Percussion Kings of the South: Dirty Crunk Kits Urban Inspiration Electri6ity MOJO: Horn Section Addictive Drums
1. Cinematic Percussion 1. Electri6ity
2. Kings of the South: Dirty Crunk Kits 2. MOJO: Horn Section
3. Urban Inspiration 3. Addictive Drums
4. Epic Drums 4. Hollywoodwinds
5. Smooth n’ Sexy R&B Guitar Pak 5. Acoustic Legends HD
6. Pop Ballads 6. World Impact: Global Percussion
7. Urban Pop Heat 7. Cinesamples Percussion Bundle
8. Hustla Anthems: Dirty South Edition 8. VI.ONE
9. Plush 9. Miroslav Vitous String Ensembles
10. Crank’d: Urban Rock 10. Celtic Instruments
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Production Department Pick of the Month

In this post I am going to give you my picks of the month and focus on two outstanding guitar loop libraries we’ve recently released. First on my list is Off the Hook Guitars. Off the Hook Guitars continues in a long line of worldwide hits in the “Off the Hook” series. There is something special that can happen to a Hip Hop or R&B track when you add the element of a live played guitar. Whether your looking for licks or leads, rhythm parts, or wah wah guitars you’ll find it all in this jam packed library. These expertly played and recorded guitars are definitely Off the Hook!

My second library recommendation for the month is Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll Project. Michael Ripoll is an A level guitarist working in the studio and on tour with some of the biggest names in the industry. Working with Michael on this project was a lot of fun. His range of talent and mastery of so many different styles is astounding. This is truly evident in this library as it contains over 1,000 loops ranging from rock to country, jazz, to funk. This is a must have library that will be an asset in many many music productions for years to come. (Currently Michael is working on a couple new projects for Big Fish Audio, so keep your eye out for their release later this year).

Now that you know my picks of the month go ahead and check them out yourselves. Both of them contain a free sample pack for you to download and try out yourself. On top of that I would like to personally offer our Blog readers a coupon code good for $20 dollars off either of these products for the month of June. Enter BRGPC1 at check out to receive your discount on one or both of these products!

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