Production Department Picks of the Month – NOV 11′

At Big Fish Audio we are obsessed with putting out content that is the best of the best.  We strive to put out products that far exceed the industry standard for quality when it comes to loops and samples.  The two products I want to look at this month are no exception when it comes to the highest quality in recording, production, and loop formatting.  Suite Grooves, and the newly released Suite Grooves 2 were created by one of the leading Smooth Jazz producers out there.  Jeffery Carruthers is a Grammy nominated, Platinum and Gold Record producer who has been creating music professionally for over 25 years.   When we first linked up with Jeffery we were instantly blown away by the quality of his production and new we wanted to form a partnership.  Suite Grooves volume 1 was an instant hit and continues to be a top seller for Big Fish Audio.  Just released this past month is the long awaited volume 2 in this stellar line of products.

Suite Grooves volumes 1 contains over 4.3 GB of smooth sax, trumpet, keys, guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion and more.  You’ll instantly notice the quality of musicianship, recording quality, and overall production when you take this guys for a spin.  As you browse through the content of this product you may forget that you are listening to a sample library as these construction kits are so well crafted you’ll think you we’re listening to a chart topping smooth jazz album.

Suite Grooves 2 is now available in both the WAV/REX/AppleLoops version as well as being part of our new Kontakt KLI Series.  Instead of being “more of the same ol”, we have truly stepped up this collection even beyond the standards set by volume 1.  Each kit now has multiple sections with multiple variations.  In addition we have a full set of hits from each kit included as well as multi-track drums for all drum parts allowing you to create custom mixes of the drums.   The one thing that hasn’t changed from volume 1 is that these kits are truly infectious with memorable melodies and grooves that you can just sink your teeth into with nothing but the highest quality that you would expect from Big Fish Audio.


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Production Department Picks of the Month

Well it’s that time again for the pick of the month.  Not only is it a new month but a new year. Everybody is ready to work off the holiday weight and begin the uphill climb of keeping our New Year’s resolutions.  Here is a resolution for you that should be easy to keep: try something new.  Don’t fall into the musical rut of always doing the same things.  It’s a new year and a time to branch out and continue to expand our musical sound pallets.  So this month, in that spirit, I present two products to help you think outside of the musical box.

Gypsy Cafe is a new project recently released by Big Fish Audio in cooperation with Dieguis Productions as part of the Xtended Series.  This library is a little Gypsy, a little Parisian, a little Italian, and a lot amazing.  It’s a perfect blend of old meets new as expert production quality as well as authentic instruments and players were used in the making of this project.  Like all Extended Series products this library features construction kits that are packed full to the brim with intros, verses, choruses, endings, as well as multiple variations with each instrument included.

Next up for your consideration is the appropriately titled Mariachi.  This library is also a Big Fish Audio library in cooperation with Dieguis Productions, and part of the Textured Series. As you might expect this library contains all the essential elements of Mariachi, Guitarron, Nylon Guitar, Vihuela, Violins, Trumpets, Gritos, and Choros.   What you might not expect is how good these kits sound.  Just check out the demo and you’ll see what I mean.  So you are fairly warned, listening to the Mariachi demos will most certainly create an instant craving to drive down to your nearest mexican food restaurant for chips and guacamole with your favorite margarita.  You’ve been warned!

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Production Department picks for August 2010

Summer is in full swing and so are our picks of the month. Yes these libraries are swinging for sure. This month we are focusing on a couple of outstanding jazz libraries. First off let’s look at “Impressions: Jazz Construction Kits“. A couple things should stand out when you listen to these kits.  First, the players used are top of the line with an ear for deeply beautiful jazz harmonies, solos, swinging, and everything else you can think of associated with really great jazz. Second, these kits are recorded beautifully; the sonic quality will be immediately evident when you check out the demo.

The second product we’d like to feature this month is” Jazz City“. If you are familiar with the “city series” then you already know the quality contained in this product. Harkening back to some of the jazz greats, “Jazz City” digs really deep into each of it’s 14 construction kits. You’ll find multiple takes and variations in every song section.  Not only will you find an incredible rhythm section but you’ll find guitars and horns as well.

If you have been needing some killer jazz loops then look no further than these two outstanding picks of the month from the production department at Big Fish Audio.

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Production Department Pick of the Month

In this post I am going to give you my picks of the month and focus on two outstanding guitar loop libraries we’ve recently released. First on my list is Off the Hook Guitars. Off the Hook Guitars continues in a long line of worldwide hits in the “Off the Hook” series. There is something special that can happen to a Hip Hop or R&B track when you add the element of a live played guitar. Whether your looking for licks or leads, rhythm parts, or wah wah guitars you’ll find it all in this jam packed library. These expertly played and recorded guitars are definitely Off the Hook!

My second library recommendation for the month is Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll Project. Michael Ripoll is an A level guitarist working in the studio and on tour with some of the biggest names in the industry. Working with Michael on this project was a lot of fun. His range of talent and mastery of so many different styles is astounding. This is truly evident in this library as it contains over 1,000 loops ranging from rock to country, jazz, to funk. This is a must have library that will be an asset in many many music productions for years to come. (Currently Michael is working on a couple new projects for Big Fish Audio, so keep your eye out for their release later this year).

Now that you know my picks of the month go ahead and check them out yourselves. Both of them contain a free sample pack for you to download and try out yourself. On top of that I would like to personally offer our Blog readers a coupon code good for $20 dollars off either of these products for the month of June. Enter BRGPC1 at check out to receive your discount on one or both of these products!

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