This week in downloads

Hello everyone, this is Andrew bringing you the hottest and newest downloads for the week.

This week is a little extra special because I’d like to welcome Kick Back Samples to the Big Fish Audio website!  They got some great stuff here that I’d like for you to all check out.  Their 4 initial downloads they bring to you guys and gals is, Acid Techno Grooves, Dubstep Drumbank, Dubstep Elements, and Harder Drum Pack.

Loopmasters this week is bringing you some really current dub with Dark Matter: Experiments in Dubstep.

Also as a fun little quirky fact for only the blog readers, we are working on a bunch of Big Fish Products and adding download versions to them. You kept asking for them to be downloads, so this is for all of you who live internationally, hate customs fees, hate waiting (I’d probably fall in this category), or hate when your dog eats your FedEx boxes on the porch.  =)

That’s it for this this week in downloads and be sure to check back on Monday to see the list of hot Big Fish Audio products that are now available for download.

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