This week in loops

We have got some goodies this weekend!

Prime Loops has a dirty south banger by the name of Southside Kings.

MVP Loops has a great library of acoustic guitar loops in the style of new Lil’ Wayne and Bruno Mars that you should definitely check out here: Acoustic Hit Theory.

YNK Audio has a ton of new products that released this week.  Be sure to check them out here.  YNK Audio new releases!

Producer Loops also had a bit of updates to their online catalog.  All of which may be found here.  Producer Loops!

Big Fish Audio has finally brought you the Kontakt version of Epic Drums 2! But it’s no ordinary Kontakt patch that you’ve gotten from us.  The way we have laid this out will be a new standard for Big Fish Audio and we are SO excited to finally be able to share this with you.

Also being released by Big Fish Audio this week is the long awaited sequel Brush Artistry 2.

As always, hope you all have a super productive yet relaxing weekend!  =)