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Top Loops and Instruments – July 2011

The top loop sellers for the month of July included two new titles in the Xtended Series, Big Bad Horns and Pop Rocks.  Pure Rock Hits stayed steady and was closely followed by the the long awaited Epic Drums II. Also making a debut in the Top Ten was the latest release in the top selling Off the Hook Series, Off the Hook Radio Pop.

Topping the charts for instruments in July was Sonokinetic’s Tutti, and Vir2’s Electri6ity along with top 10 newcomer Complete Toy Museum from UVI’s collection.

1. Pop Rocks 1. Tutti
2. Pure Rock Hits 2. Electri6ity
3. Epic Drums II 3. Q
4. Big Bad Horns 4. Voxos: Epic Virtual Choirs
5. The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples 5. RiG: Urban Workstation
6. Indie Rock Addiction 6. Hollywoodwinds
7. Coffeehouse: Organic Construction Kits 7. MOJO: Horn Section
8. Pop n’ Soul Guitars 8. Complete Toy Museum
9. Americana Country 9. Acoustic Legends HD
10. Off the Hook Radio Pop 10. CineOrch
by Byron Devers on August 3rd, 2011 in General