Out Now! Wake Up: Funk Pop Kits From Big Fish Audio!

Wake Up: Funk Pop Kits by Big Fish Audio

Wake Up: Funk Pop Kits from Big Fish Audio is a 20 construction kit collection including all the hottest styles of Funk, Pop, Disco, and Dreamwave combined in one library. Taking inspiration from artists such as Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and Wake the Wild, you’ll have almost 5.5 GB of original content to chop up and rearrange into your own chart-topping hit! We’ve recorded live drums, keyboards, vocals, and guitar, then processed them via the finest Neve and SSL gear to create an authentic and professional sound. We even used outboard tape saturation and parallel soft clipping on the drums, then layered them with custom created drum machine samples to ensure a modern, punchy feel. Don’t sleep on this heater of a pack. Wake Up to a whole new world of sound.

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