Interview - Loops

A word from the producers of The Crate 2!


Hey everybody,

I wanted to take a minute to talk about The Crate 2, the sequel to one of our best selling sample Libraries “The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples”.  This library is really an amazing project that has tons of value and will really be a useful studio tool should you choose to pick it up.  To really see how cool The Crate 2 is first we need to take a look at its predecessor The Crate:

A few quick specs on The Crate, 6.8 GB original content, 24-bit and 16-bit WAV files. That was pretty much it. There is no formal REX, RMX, Apple Loop, Acidized WAV or Kontakt formatting done on The Crate, we just set out to provide some amazing samples and made sure we packed it full of drum hits and samples.  The result was an incredibly dynamic library that is being used all throughout the industry today.  

Fast forward a few years to our production department reminiscing over how much work and raw hours it took to organize, rearrange, rename and put together The Crate, when they had a brilliant idea: “Lets make part 2 BIGGER, and FULLY FORMATTED!”  Lets look at some quick specs for The Crate 2, 9.7 GB original content, Fully formatted loop content in REX, RMX, Apple Loops and Acidized WAV, 4,400 drum/percussion hits and 184 completely original sample based synths formatted for Kontakt.

Anybody who has ever tried to get a raw audio file to time-stretch, pitch-bend and lock with tempo/barlines knows how much work goes into formatting a loop library.  On top of the loops we created fully functioning sample based synth pads, basses and leads for when you have something in your head that needs to get on a track and the loops just don’t cut it.  

Countless hours recording, editing engineering and formatting has been invested into one of the most exciting libraries we have ever put out and we are so happy to say that The Crate 2 is FINISHED and ready for you to use and inspire.

Go check it out, listen to the demos, and make SURE to watch the walkthroughs so you can really get a feel for what The Crate 2 has to offer and don’t forget to tell us what you think!


Happy music-making my friends!