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‘Midnight Tapes’: A Journey Through Lo-Fi Jazz Hop Elegance and Analog Nostalgia

Midnight Tapes: Lo-Fi Jazz Hop by Big Fish Audio

Immerse yourself in the soulful grooves of “Midnight Tapes: Lo-Fi Jazz Hop” a masterful blend of lo-fi jazz hop and vintage soundscapes. This collection from Big Fish Audio and Sample Factory is a treasure trove for producers, offering 10 construction kits that evoke the warmth and nostalgia of analog recordings. Each loop is a brushstroke of sound, painting scenes of smoky jazz clubs and timeless melodies.

The crackle of vinyl, the lush harmonies of a trumpet, and the mellow strum of a guitar come together in a symphony of old-school charm and modern chill. “Midnight Tapes” is not just a sample pack—it’s a doorway to a world where music is both an escape and a deeply felt experience.

Craft beats that tell a story, compose tracks that resonate with emotion, and let “Midnight Tapes” be your muse. With seamless DAW integration, these sounds are at your fingertips, ready to inspire and transform your musical vision. Whether it’s the groove of a laid-back drum loop or the allure of a funky bassline, “Midnight Tapes” delivers a rich palette for your creative expression. Embrace the analog nostalgia and infuse your music with the distinctive ambiance of “Midnight Tapes.”


Apple Loops:
• 2.54 GB Total Content
• 835 Files

Acidized WAV:
• 2.54 GB Total Content
• 835 Files

• 792.8 MB Total Content
• 720 Files


• Powerful Free Momentum Plugin!
• 2.54 GB of Content
• Construction Kit layout
• Slice editing and effects

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