New Loop Library! Blinding: Disco Funk Pop From Big Fish Audio!

Blinding: Disco Funk Pop

Get ready to light up your production with Blinding: Disco Funk Pop from Big Fish Audio, a huge set of 20 construction kits blending that classic Disco and Funk vibe with modern Pop music. We used authentic Rhodes and Wurlitzers in the production of this library, as well as live guitar and bass recorded with world-class equipment in studios in New York, Vancouver, and LA. These kits sound live! Based on a genuine nostalgia for 80s disco and brought to life with modern mixing and production techniques, you can capture the style rejuvenated by artists such as Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, and Demi Lovato. We processed everything to industry standards via world-class SSL and Neve equipment, so these kits are sure to seamlessly integrate into any production.


Apple Loops:
• 6.93 GB Total Content
• 1,420 Files

Acidized WAV:
• 6.93 GB Total Content
• 1,420 Files

• 1.88 GB Total Content
• 1,305 Files


• Powerful Free Momentum Plugin!
• 6.93 GB of Content
• Construction Kit layout
• Slice editing and effects

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