New Loop Library ‘Needle Drop: Chill Trap’ From Big Fish Audio!

Needle Drop: Chill Trap by Big Fish Audio

We’re nearing the middle of August, well into Summer, and we’re excited to announce our brand new royalty-free loop library that we think fits the mood of this season perfectly! ‘Needle Drop: Chill Trap‘ brought to you by Big Fish Audio is the new chill trap influence you need in your library! Almost 5 GBs of vinyl samples, Trap-infused drums, flowing pads, and punchy 808s are featured in this product to fuel that next vibey hit. In each of the 50 construction kits, along with individual files for each instrument are drum tracks and drum hits that provide room for more creativity. Use the pre-mixed drum files or take the individual pieces and make your own trap creation. We’ve also included high quality midi files for some melodic instruments to give you full flexibility. Needle Drop: Chill Trap is sure to inspire your next urban masterpiece.


Apple Loops:
• 4.98 GB Total Content
• 1,387 Files

Acidized WAV:
• 4.97 GB Total Content
• 1,387 Files

• 1.33 GB Total Content
• 1,128 Files


• Powerful Free Momentum Plugin!
• 4.98 GB of Content
• Construction Kit layout
• Slice editing and effects

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