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‘When Love Calls: Cinematic Soundscapes’ New Loop Library From Sample Factory & Big Fish Audio!

When Love Calls: Cinematic Soundscapes by Big Fish Audio & Sample Factory

When Love Calls: Cinematic Soundscapes by Sample Factory and Big Fish Audio is a captivating assortment of heartwarming, family-friendly melodies set in idyllic small towns, ensuring feel-good endings. Ideal for commercials, TV, documentaries, film trailers, video games, and contemporary cinematic music, this collection elevates your production to emotional peaks. Crafted with precision to encapsulate the enchanting spirit of Hallmark movies, ‘When Love Calls’ infuses compositions with warmth and nostalgia reminiscent of beloved film soundtracks.

The library features 10 construction kits, encompassing diverse piano and orchestral elements such as rhythms, chords, comping, pulses, melodies, violin, viola, cello, solo violin, glockenspiel, bells, kalimba, music box, and more. Offering extensive song sections (Intro, Verse, PreChorus, Chorus, Bridge/Breakdown, Turnaround, and Outro), it allows endless mixing, rearranging, and customization. With included MIDI for each instrument and kit, effortlessly swap sounds to create standout music. Immerse your compositions in the emotive storytelling of ‘When Love Calls,’ where each loop unfolds as a chapter in the book of emotion, breathing life into your creations.


Apple Loops:
• 2.21 GB Total Content
• 481 Files

Acidized WAV:
• 2.21 GB Total Content
• 481 Files

• 775.7 MB Total Content
• 481 Files


• Powerful Free Momentum Plugin!
• 2.21 GB of Content
• Construction Kit layout
• Slice editing and effects

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